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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 6/3/13

If any of you Bronco fans were worried about the Oakland Raiders one day regaining their once proud heritage, you can again rest easy. After a negative news story, Mark Davis fires their Public Relations guy. Whoops! Try not running a defunct organization, Marky Mark, and maybe people won't call a spade a spade.


Raiders fire PR director because of an unflattering story | First & Orange
For those who thought Raiders owner Mark Davis would bring a boost of sanity back to the franchise after taking over for his departed father, Al Daivs, think again.

Gilbert takes high road in response to his termination | ProFootballTalk
Raiders owner Mark Davis has decided to fire the team's P.R. director, a year after new G.M. Reggie McKenzie hired him. Gilbert, in response to a move that many in the NFL media are criticizing, has opted for the high road.

Denver Broncos | Team Publications
Check out the brand new edition of Broncos Magazine by clicking the photo above. The 2013 Summer Edition takes an in-depth look at the seven players the Broncos selected in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Denver Broncos News & Blogs

Beadles Looking for Growth |
Guard Zane Beadles is looking to take on more of a leadership role on an aggressively-minded group in 2013.

Peyton Manning anxious to see what's in store for 2013 - The Denver Post
When you have what the coaches who have faced him over the past 15 years characterize as one of the NFLs beautiful minds, when you can recite, play for play, third-quarter possessions of your college football Saturdays in 1997, folks want Peyton Manning to look back.

With Willis McGahee still out of Broncos camp, other RBs get chance - The Denver Post
Willis McGahee is a veteran player, headed into his 11th season, who simply prefers to work out in Miami in the offseason — much like he did last year during the Broncos organized team activities.

2013 Denver Broncos Offensive Line - Predominantly Orange
As I watched Tom Nalen’s press conference last week to commemorate his induction into the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame, I couldn’t help but think about a football teams’ offensive linemen and the five unsung heroes that make up that unit.

NFL News and Blogs

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
If you want to know where the Indianapolis Colts offense is headed, take a look at where the San Francisco 49ers offense has been.

Chris Kluwe picks Oakland Raiders camp over White House visit -
Chris Kluwe's political activism earned him an invitation to a White House reception in June. There was only one problem: The date conflicted with a mandatory Oakland Raiders minicamp.

Aaron Rodgers wants more from Packers' run game -
Aaron Rodgers didn't worry much about the Green Bay Packers' running game last season. Did seeing a run-focused team win the Super Bowl change the quarterback's mind?

Mike Adams out 6 weeks; Alex Smith impressing Chiefs -
Mike Adams will miss six weeks after being stabbed in an apparent robbery attempt, Alex Smith has been impressing the Chiefs at OTAs and more you may have missed from Saturday.

Snyder secretly considering one-year name change to Washington John Rockers - It's All Over, Fat Man!
Rocker, who ripped foreigners, Asian drivers, gays, and a black teammate in a famous Sports Illustrated interview in 1999, more recently wrote in his 2011 book Scars and Strikes, "An attempt to place neat tidy labels on people with one-word definitions would not only be absurd, it would be ignorant."

Mike Williams doesn’t last long in the CFL | ProFootballTalk
A week after former Lions draft bust Mike Williams attempted to revive his career in the Canadian Football League, that attempt has come to an end. The Toronto Argonauts have released Williams, the No. 10 overall pick of the 2005 NFL draft.

Aaron Rodgers: Randall Cobb will emerge as "a big-time star" | ProFootballTalk
Randall Cobb had an excellent 2012 season in Green Bay, totaling 2,342 all-purpose yards. But Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks Cobb will be even better this year.

Bears issue statement on behalf of Evan Rodriguez | ProFootballTalk
Though we don't know how many arrests it takes to get a player cut by the Bears, the answer apparently isn't two. In the wake of his second arrest of the offseason, the Bears haven't parted ways with tight end Evan Rodriguez.

McNabb wants father-son meeting with Griffin | ProFootballTalk
When former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb recently called out the Cowboys for giving quarterback Tony Romo a nine-figure contract, many wondered whether this meant that McNabb would criticize any quarterbacks who in his mind justify it, or whether he'd simply use his fairly new media platform to se...

Rivera walks fine line between tempo, contact in OTAs | ProFootballTalk
Offseason pro football practices aren't supposed to include contact. But without contact, it's hard to make the practices look like football -- which makes it harder to prepare the players for the coming football season.