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Denver Broncos OTA's: Osweiler, Hillman, J. Thomas impress

We've got your cure for the "Mondays" right here folks!


Julius Thomas continues to impress in practice. It's still too early and I still stand by my assessment that I want to see this skill transferred to real games, but for now I'll give the man his due--his work is catching the attention of his teammates.

Still has some work to do though...

Plenty of work for Julius Thomas again today ... but a drop of a potential TD down the swam from Manning mars it a bit.

*swam = seam ;)

DT was a little bit of a late bloomer, hampered by injury and a steep learning curve coming out of a limited triple option offense in college. Let's hope Julius Thomas' career follows the same sort of arc. I wouldn't mind seeing the Broncos keep 4 TE's, but if the Broncos only carry 3 he is a direct threat to Jacob Tamme more than anybody else.

Andrew Mason had some high praise for Brock Osweiler. Most of us around here see disaster if Peyton Manning goes down for whatever reason....Mason doesn't agree.

To be fair, this is a really deep team and Mason could just be giving credit to the team as a whole, but he goes on to add the positives and improvements he has seen from Oz's game in year 2.

Beautiful passing from Brock Osweiler just now, highlighted by connections with Gerell Robinson &, for a TD, Greg Orton.

As far as the running backs, Ronnie Hillman is showing improvement with his vision. (And at this point in the article, twitter decided to crap out so I'll just be straight up copying/pasting tweets).

Hillman showed good patience allowing for blocks to develop, anticipated hole & hit it FAST by the D before they could react 2of2

Interesting doings at RB today. Knowshon Moreno back in team. Ronnie Hillman looking more comfortable w/ blockers & decisive than before.

Ronnie Hillman agrees with says vision most important attribute for a RB, more than footwork, smiled when I said TD agreed

Ronnie Hillman flashed pretty good vision at times last season, since the hire of Alex Gibbs as a consultant I have stated both he and Montee Ball will benefit the most.

If you're expecting Trindon Holliday just to be a fixture on special teams....think again.

Also, plenty of work on offense for Trindon Holliday, who caught a touchdown pass from Brock Osweiler.

There were a few times where Holliday was used in two back sets out of the shotgun as a receiver. He is the epitome of "home run threat" and should be utilized on offense. I doubt any DB in the league could match his speed. Should be deadly with playaction and double moves.

Though Montee Ball didn't catch the eye of Cecil Lammey today, he seems to be grasping the mental aspects of the game and playing RB in an offense run by Peyton Manning.

Montee Ball, on Manning's pre-snap calls: "Once you dial in, and actually get in your play book, it actually all makes sense."

There you have it folks, any day with football is a good day indeed--even if it is practice in June. Go Broncos!!!