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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 6/30/13

Sorry for the late tracks! I totally spaced on them late last night. There is an interested read about DRC and his fit here in Denver. Other than that, slim picking's.


Rodgers-Cromartie finds perfect fit with Denver Broncos | Bradenton Herald
When the Denver Broncos' coaches sat down with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie last March and pointed out his weaknesses. they didn't know what to expect.

Broncos won over Rodgers-Cromartie by showing him where he stinks | ProFootballTalk
The upgrades made in the offseason by a Broncos team that likely will be picked by many to make it to the Super Bowl include cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, a first-rounder who was traded from the Cardinals to the Eagles and who never completely lived up to the potential that got him selecte...

Bailey may need to turn corner - The Denver Post
He's still the Champ.I am not sure why Broncos fans have a problem with cornerback Champ Bailey's play last season. Yeah, he had some problems in the playoff loss to Baltimore, but Bailey also didn't have a lot of help over the top in that game.

The Fox/Paige Affair: Part I (What Fox Must Do) – First Stop Fantasy
In the hours and days after the Broncos devastating playoff loss, many in the media were pointing fingers at a certain individual. No, I’m not talking about Rahim Moore; I’m talking about Head Coach John Fox.

The Fox/Paige Affair: Part II (The Gase/Welker Effect) – First Stop Fantasy
As mentioned in "Fox/Paige Affair, Part I", Broncos head coach John Fox told nationally syndicated columnist Woody Paige that he still does not regret having Peyton Manning take a knee to force overtime.

Denver Broncos: Can C.J. Anderson Help out at Running Back? | Bleacher Report
The Denver Broncos are absolutely stacked on both sides of the ball, but there is one position that brings up some question marks.

Sam Garnes: Quentin Jammer "learning what we do" | ProFootballTalk
The Broncos list eight cornerbacks and six safeties on their roster. However, Quentin Jammer isn't listed among either group. Is it an oversight? No, not all. Look closely, and Jammer is the lone player to be designated as a defensive back on the Broncos' roster. It makes perfect sense.