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Report: Contract talks see Clady prepare counteroffer


After nearly a year of silence, most fans were relieved to hear that the Denver Broncos and All Pro left tackle Ryan Clady had resumed contract negotiations earlier this month.

Nothing substantive came of those talks, and now we know why - the Broncos and Clady are still far apart on terms of the deal.

According to the National Football Post, Clady's team is currently preparing a counter-offer to Denver's proposal.

The Broncos and franchise left tackle Ryan Clady resumed negotiations on a potential long-term contract extension earlier this month, but aren’t close to a deal. The representatives for Clady, who is key to the protection of Manning, are preparing a counter to Denver’s offer.

Clady has been designated the Broncos' franchise player, but the three-time Pro Bowler has yet to sign the $9.828 one-year tender, hoping instead for a long-term deal. Clady and the Broncos have until July 15 to hammer out terms and sign such a deal.

It's not surprising the Broncos and Clady still aren't close to a deal - they spent 11 months between negotiation sessions. Hopefully this looming deadline is the catalyst for real substantive talks over the next two weeks. Peyton Manning needs the best blindside help he can get to finish his career a Bronco.