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Four Broncos games are top 10 highest ticket prices in 2013

Looking to buy a ticket to a Broncos game off the secondary market? Beat writer Mark Klis did some digging on Vivid Seats--a site like stubhub that specializes in the resale of tickets to various events. Four Broncos games are in the top 10 of the average highest ticket price in the NFL at the moment.

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#1 Brother v. Brother, Broncos @ Giants, $505

The highest resale value on the market right now is the meeting between the two brothers at MetLife Stadium week 2. Oddly enough, this game missed out being a prime time affair as it will be broadcast on CBS at the normal 2:25MDT time slot. Given the marquee value of the game, we can expect the "A" team of Phil Simms and Jim Nantz

#2 Manning v. Brady, Broncos @ Patriots, $498

Though this matchup has certainly lost a little bit of it's luster with systematic weakening of the usually potent Pats offense, there are still MANY story lines brewing for this week 12 Matchup. Manning v. Brady 13 of course. The return of Wes Welker to Gillette Stadium, and possibly a Broncos/Tebow reunion. This game will be a prime time affair on Sunday night football.

#4 Manning v. Luck, Broncos @ Colts, $467

Week 7 will highlight Manning's return to Indy. This game will be another appearance on Sunday Night Football for our Broncos. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to seeing Peyton return to the place he built, just to see our team burn that sumbitch to the ground! I hear Andrew Luck Ogres are afraid of fire. FEEL THE BURN!

#7 Revenge and Retribution, Ravens @ Broncos, $405

This game is surprisingly low IMO. You have the return of the average Joe and the World Champions lucky Ravens to the scene of the crime. Not only that, it will mark the official start to the NFL 2013 season as the first game and the only to be played on September 5th. Though Ray Lewis has retired, one can only imagine he'll be sending a care package Aaron Hernandez' way. What better way for people to forget about that white suit than by having another brutal and senseless tragedy stuffed down their throats for the next year or so?

Luckily for Broncos fans, only one of these games is a home game. Still, if you're planning on attending a home game be prepared to fork over good money. Last season I attended two games, the Saints at the Broncos and the Browns at the Broncos. For the Saints game, I forked over a very reasonable $200 for two tickets in the south stands. Still, that price was a price from a friend who wasn't looking to bend me over . The Browns game was free as seemingly no one wanted to see a late season matchup with a perennial loser (except this diehard).

My advice? If you want to see a game for cheap, choose a matchup like the Eagles, Jaguars, Titans or even Raiders to go to. If you have your heart set on any other game, start saving now because it will cost an arm and a leg.

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