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2013 NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #7 Seattle Seahawks


The Seattle Seahawks could very well be fools gold. Their roster isn't as strong as people think and people look at the hot streak they had at the end of the season, while ignoring the 6 road games they lost last season. Elite teams win on the road... they also don't get caught roiding up.

My bias is more towards Pete Carroll's style of coaching, which I don't think works over the long haul. Additionally, I love fading "surprise" teams the year after their surprise playoff run. Historically, these teams falter the year after anyway. By ranking this team seventh, I feel I'm being both fair for their 2012 run and realistic towards their 2013 expectations. So love it or hate it, that's where I'm coming from.

7. Seattle Seahawks (2012 Record: 11-5)

The Seahawks were the surprise team in 2012, having a rookie third rounder in Russell Wilson lead them all the way to within a couple of points of the NFC Title game. To that I say great job! However, I just don't get why everyone in the mainstream media thinks they are suddenly the second best team in the NFC to the San Francisco 49ers.

I just don't see it. First, they came out of nowhere and had a fine Cinderella season. Show me something two years in a row, then we'll talk about how great you are. Second, they did a great job of adding talent to skill positions, but pretty much ignored adding talent to the trenches. That's not going to pay dividend in the NFL, especially in the playoffs. And I don't care how mobile your quarterback is. John Elway was mobile, he was still sacked 552 times in his career.

Overall, I liken the Seahawks to the Texans. They have significant work to do if they want to break through the upper crust of the NFC. More than likely, the Seahawks will be bounced out of the playoffs no later than the divisional round again this year.

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