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Backup QB Brock Osweiler the star of Denver Broncos OTAs

Report from the last day of Broncos OTAs: with Brock Osweiler behind center, it's touchdowns, touchdowns everywhere.


The first day of Denver Broncos OTAs were highlighted with reports of second-year quarterback Brock Osweiler's success, so it's only appropriate the last day of OTAs are highlighted similarly. The Brock Osweiler Show served as the bookends for the 2013 Denver Broncos OTAs.

"He's in an ideal situation. I think he's a tremendous young player," head coach John Fox said of Osweiler Thursday. "I like the way he operates, the way he handles himself. He’s got probably one of the better guys to learn under in Peyton Manning. I've seen excellent improvement in both Brock's knowledge of what we’re doing and his execution— the what-to's and the techniques to play quarterback."

"Skillset-wise, I feel confident with Brock throwing the ball and operating our offense." -OC Adam Gase

Brock had a handful of touchdowns today, at least one to Virgil Green and Greg Orton each. His throw to Green was a toss few can make, between two defenders in the back of the end zone.

"Skillset-wise, I feel confident with Brock throwing the ball and operating our offense," offensive coordinator Adam Gase said. "It’s just, every day, getting those tough looks from our defense, it's good development for him."

In fact, every backup receiver of the crop seemed to make it in Andrew Mason's notebook at today -- and all thanks to the arm of Big Brock.

Tavarres King, Andre Caldwell and Greg Orton all made notable catches during Thursday's practice. Caldwell's was the most athletic; he lunged for a long pass down the middle from Brock Osweiler, beating rookie cornerback Kayvon Webster. Orton's was the most clutch; he caught a touchdown pass from Osweiler, quickly cutting inside and grabbing the ball in stride before Rahim Moore could arrive.

Even Knowshon Moreno had a big gain from a pass from Brock, according to Mason.

"He's getting better every day," said Gase. "His biggest thing is the mental aspect. Trying to learn what we do, as a whole."

Peyton Manning may or may not play until he's 40, but whenever he's done, the future is looking bright with Brock Osweiler. Maybe in 2013 we will even get to see more of his arm where it matters - during a game.