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2013 NFL Power Rankings Countdown: #4 Baltimore Ravens

Harry How

Let the hate pour in. I'm going to get it from my fellow Denver Broncos fans for ranking this team anywhere and I'm going to get it from Ravens fans who are still running around with their junk hangin' all out loud and proud. Fine, I get it. The simple fact remains; the last meaningful game played was won by the Baltimore Ravens.

As much as I would like to rank them where I think they might end up, its all conjecture and hearsay. For all I know, the Ravens will end up being the team to beat or they could be a joke. I will promise this, if they get blown up on opening day by an vengeful Broncos team, they won't be in the top 12 at all. For now, let their Lombardi Trophy prop them up for the long hard fall that is surely to come.

4. Baltimore Ravens (2012 Record: 10-6)

The only draft class I liked more than the 49ers draft class, was the Ravens. They absolutely killed it with their selections of Matt Elam, Arthur Brown, Brandon Williams and John Simon. Not to mention they picked up Elvis Dumervil real cheap due to an annoying fax machine.

Fortunately for the AFC, not all has been sugar plums and gum drops for the Ravens this offseason as they have obviously lost a ton of future Hall of Fame talent and no matter how exciting their new draft picks are, they won't fill the void lost from those departures. They also lost Anquan Bolden to the team they beat in the Super Bowl, so Joe Flacco will no longer have a reliable outlet when his go-to receiver is triple covered.

Do I think the Ravens will repeat? Not really. I think they might even end up missing the playoffs next year as the new parts of the team figure each other out and rebuild the chemistry lost. Naturally, their fans are as confident as ever, so as a Bronco fan, I certainly look forward to opening day.

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