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Did the Denver Broncos Improve? Interior Line edition

With all the injuries along the interior offensive line, it is hard to handicap his race.



Started with Beadles, Walton, and Kuper

Ended with Beadles, Koppen, Ramirez/Kuper


Started with Beadles, Walton, and Vasquez

transitioned to Beadles, Koppen, Vasquez

Advantage: 2013 line

Really the debate here is Vasquez v. Ramirez/Kuper. The Broncos thought highly enough of Vasquez to give him one of the few multiyear free agent deals in the John Elway regime. Kuper at full strength is a fantastic player and one that is hard to improve upon. Problem is, only the Broncos/Kuper know if he will be at full strength anytime soon. If he is it presents an interesting problem--are the top three guards on the Broncos roster in competition for two spots? Most people assume Beadles is safely entrenched at LG and I'd have to agree, but it does make things more interesting if Kuper is at or will be near 100%.

With the offensive line, continuity is key. With a lot of interchangeable parts last season, it was really hard to build the kind of chemistry a top notch line needs in order to progress. With TC on the horizon and the starting spots more or less set, 2013 provides the experience advantage 2012 lacked. Beadles played nearly a full season next to Koppen, there is some chemistry there. The larger unknown at this point is how Franklin and Koppen will adjust to Vasquez at their side?

Even still, Manny Ramirez earned his bones and took his bumps as a starter. He improved and I can confidently say I would feel good about him coming in if another injury should occur. When you start to have projected depth that also has significant starting experience (thinking of Kuper as well), you have to say the unit as a whole, top to bottom, is stronger and improved.

Beadles should continue to get better, Koppen should provide that steady veteran presence at Center, and Vasquez should fit nicely next to two solid and reliable starters. Let's just hope whatever incantation of the starting 5 sees it's way to opening day gets to build that chemistry starting day one of TC.

What say you MHR, did the interior of the Broncos O-line improve or regress from last year?