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The Holdup with Ryan Clady

What is the deal here? Why is it taking so long?

Time is ticking on the Ryan Clady deal....
Time is ticking on the Ryan Clady deal....
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As you well know Ryan Clady is currently franchise tagged with a $9.828 million one year contract that would extend to a $11.79 million in 2014 (due to a 20% hike) if he were to get hit once more with the franchise tag following a successful season.

The Denver Broncos reportedly have an offer out to Clady which would total $33 million in guaranteed money, that's $11 million guaranteed per seasons for three seasons.

There is simply little reason for Clady to sign anything at this point, as he is making nearly the same amount of money whether he is tagged or signing, the only bonus would be getting one more season guaranteed at $11 million.

As he demonstrated last season, playing out the end of a $3 million contract, when there was an offer for five years at $50 million-- he's very confident that he will continue to be worth more money year after year. It should be noted that it has been reported that of that $50 million, only $16 million was guaranteed.

For Clady, of course $33 million is enough to set whatever he needs set for life. At the same time from the Broncos point of view they can dump him at the end of the 2015 season with no monetary repercussions. At that point, if Clady is still healthy and playing at the level he has been playing at or higher, he may be priced out of the teams budget.

Here in may be the problem and this is me here, but if I am Clady and I am giving you my life, where is the loyalty? Give me more than three years guaranteed.

If I am Denver, I am pointing to Champ Bailey and Peyton Manning and telling you that as long as you are performing, we're going to keep you paid... I am also reiterating the importance of getting to training camp, because I am not dealing with a mediocre year, due to the fact that you held out for an extra $2 million per year.