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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 7/12/13

You don't need to be perfect, just smart enough not to get hammered and drive around town. It really isn't rocket science...its actually common sense. Get liquored up at home, then the only cruiser you are crashing into is on Grand Theft Auto. Doh!

Broncos president: "We’re not perfect, we’ve made our errors" | PFT
Broncos president Joe Ellis is acknowledging that the team has some atoning to do after two of its top front office executives were busted for driving drunk. "We're not perfect. We've made our errors. We admit it.

Broncos' DUI arrests of late won't distract players, says Eric Decker - Denver Post
Class time. Broncos players were the students. John Fox was the teacher addressing the class June 13, the final day of the Broncos offseason program.

Denver Broncos News & Blogs

Peyton Manning’s Tired, Old Arm Shriveled Up In January |
This week we have a quartet of NFL myths that may not all be brand spanking new, but they reared their ugly heads often during 2012 and want us to believe they are going to have an impact on the upcoming 2013 season.

Peyton Manning’s 9-11 Playoff Record Is a Call for Help |
Peyton Manning is a choker, because he is only 9-11 in the playoffs and has gone one-and-done a record eight times. He has the most home-playoff losses ever with the fifth and latest exit coming in Denver. (Oldie, but goodie. ~TL)

"Lot of work to be done" to get Clady signed by July 15 | ProFootballTalk
The annual deadline for signing franchise players to multi-year deals arrives on Monday, July 15. After that day, none of the eight tagged players can sign long-term deals with their current teams until after the end of the regular season.

5 Keys for the Broncos To Contend This Year | Fanspeak's AFC West Blog
Now the Broncos are widely expected to win their division and be back in the playoffs for good reason. They look to be a better team than the 2012 version and still play in probably the weakest division in the NFL. That being said despite there favorable outlook the Broncos can't afford to get complacent and need to succeed in these five areas if they are too contend in 2013.

Rookie QBs Dysert, Katz Learning and Improving |
Rookie quarterbacks Zac Dysert and Ryan Katz have taken strides during their initial months with the Broncos - and they have also taken advantage of the opportunity of working with and learning from Peyton Manning.

Training Camp Just Two Weeks Away "
"I am (excited). We’re less than two weeks out and I’m excited about the team we have," Decker said before wrapping up day two of a ProCamp for local children that he hosted with fellow wide receiver Demaryius Thomas.

Eric Decker Hosts Day Two of ProCamp |
Broncos WR Eric Decker hosted the second day of ProCamp after Demaryius Thomas hosted day one.

Eric Decker ProCamp |
On Thursday morning, Broncos Wide Receiver Eric Decker hosted day two of ProCamp, a football camp for local kids.

Thomas Hosts Day 1 of ProCamp |
Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas kicked off a two day camp for local kids hosted by him and Eric Decker.

Aspectos do jogo XV: FB x TE (singleback) "
Seguindo a série Aspectos do Jogo, o post de hoje trata de um assunto bem controverso no futebol americano moderno: a necessidade ou não de um fullback (FB) em um ataque da NFL.

NFL News & Blogs

NFL Supplemental Draft 2013: No players selected -
The NFL Supplemental Draft came and went Thursday with no players selected, the league office announced.

Rob Gronkowski is 'enjoying life' even more than usual -
The chillest New England Patriots tight end shared some wisdom about life and his team's run of discipline problems.

Alfonzo Dennard arrest: Patriots release statement on incident -
The New England Patriots released a statement Thursday on defensive back Alfonzo Dennard's arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence earlier in the morning.

NFL will determine Josh Brent's status before training camp starts, per report -
Dallas starts training camp in a week, and it should know by then whether Brent will play in 2013.

NFL will remove players from games for not wearing knee or thigh pads -
All NFL players will be required to wear thigh and knee pads beginning with the 2013 season, and a failure to do so will result in their removal from games.

Professional courtesy saves Rosenhaus from being eaten | ProFootballTalk
Several of you have sent a video of what purports to be agent Drew Rosenhaus wrestling a shark, but which appears to be some snorkeled guy in the water who is grabbing a shark by the tail while others shout hysterical words of caution, and profanity. That's not a knock on Rosenhaus.

Joe Flacco’s brother quits baseball, eyes football career | ProFootballTalk
Mike Flacco, the younger brother of Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, has decided to try to follow in big brother's footsteps and make a go of it in football. In April, Mike Flacco announced that he would quit minor league baseball after failing to make it past Double-A ball by the age of 26.

Chargers looking for as much as $700 million in public money for new stadium | ProFootballTalk
As the Chargers keep waiting for the powers-that-be in San Diego to fuel the effort to build a new stadium, the latest story on the effort reveals the biggest reason why the project is going nowhere. Actually, it's 700 million reasons. (And so the process of moving to Los Angeles begins...bwahahah ~ TL)

How To Rank Your Fantasy Football Defense | Fanspeak Fantasy Football
DST’s can make or break a fantasy team’s success and they can be harder to predict than one thinks. I will be bringing a 2-part installment of how to go about selecting a proper DST for your fantasy team. Lets get rolling.

How to Rank Your Fantasy Defense Part 2 | Fanspeak Fantasy Football
Believe it or not, a very important thing to consider is the quarterback of the team who’s DST you covet. The Arizona Cardinals are a great example of why.