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Denver Broncos Countdown to Kickoff: 53 Days

Some people can't get no respect.


Randy Gradishar played 10 NFL seasons. He recorded more than 2000 tackles, had 20 INT's, 13 fumble recoveries, and 20.5 sacks. All of those numbers outpace are match up well with the HOF output of both Mike Singletary and Ray Lewis. He made 7 pro bowls and was 1st team all pro 5 times. Yet years later, Randy Gradishar is not in the HOF.

Simon Fletcher had a five year stretch from 1989-1993 where his lowest sack total was 11. In seasons where he totaled 16.0 13.5, and 12.0 he never was voted to the pro bowl. In fact Simon never made it to Hawaii in his storied NFL career. 97.5 sacks later--a number that stands at #1 in the Broncos record book, #73 can't even get inducted to his own teams ROF. What a disgrace Broncos--the fact that he isn't a ROFer is ridiculous and stands as one of the greatest internal failures in Denver Bronco history.

Rick Upchurch is one of the greatest return men in history, yet same thing with him. No ring of fame for #80.

TD? Only the greatest postseason RB in NFL history. To this day no back has ever approached his record of 7-straight 100 yard performances. In fact only Emmitt Smith who has 13 more playoff games than TD has been able to match that total over the course of his entire career. When it comes to averages, TD ranks 2nd in carries per game (25.5), 1st in average per game 142.5), and 1st in TD's per game (1.5) when compared to all other modern day NFL HOF RB's. Will he make it in? Probably not. Yet a 2nd rate and average RB like Gale Sayers is in the hall because he was a dynamic kick returner. So are Devin Hester and so was Brian Westbrook. Neither of them are in the hall.

What exactly is it about these players that creates so much doubt in people? I may be a homer, but I never knew about Randy Gradishar until I did research on his career. Sports writers across the country have their heads stuck up their collective asses for keeping this guy out of the HOF. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Whoever is a part of the Broncos ROF committee that is keeping Fletcher and Upchurch out of the ROF is trashing and degrading important eras in Broncos history. Simple as that.

When it comes to career accolades, remember that just like in life not everything is fair. Just like in real life however, Bronco Mike will be there to scream "Bullshit!!!"

Why do you think history has treated some of these greats the way it has MHR?

Cool 53 Factoid:

Randy Gradishar played in 145 consecutive games in his 10 year career

Notable Broncos to wear #53:

Randy Gradishar 1976-1983

Bill Romanowski 1996-2001

Current Broncos wearing #53

Steven Johnson

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