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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 7/16/13

John Elway drops the hammer. Yeah yeah yeah, it was Joe Ellis, but we all know and love John Elway and it just sounds cooler. Matt Russel has a lot of work to do to get his job back, Tom Heckert, not so much. Time to move on from this embarrassing event and let due diligence take its course. Go Broncos!


Ellis, Elway Explain Staff Suspensions and Next Steps |
Team president Joe Ellis and John Elway talk about how they determined suspensions for personnel executives Matt Russell and Tom Heckert.

Broncos Announce Discipline for Russell, Heckert |
On Monday, the Broncos announced suspensions for both Matt Russel and Tom Heckert stemming from their recent arrests.

Suspensions Send Message Beyond Heckert, Russell |
Analyst Andrew Mason explains why it was important for the Broncos to dispense punishment that left no room for interpretation after the arrests of two personnel executives.

Denver Broncos News & Blogs

Elway: Arrests are unacceptable and inexcusable | ProFootballTalk
The Broncos have handed down suspensions for player personnel director Matt Russell and pro personnel director Tom Heckert and it appears that will be the only job-related discipline they'll face for their DUI arrests.

Ryan Clady agrees to contract with Broncos |
Find out the latest on Denver Broncos offensive tackle Ryan Clady and the 5-year contract he's agreed to sign. How much did it take to keep the All-Pro tackle in Denver?

Clady Excited for Long-Term Future with Broncos |
After agreeing to a 5-year deal with the Broncos, left tackle Ryan Clady said that he's excited for his long-term future with the team during a conference call on Monday afternoon.

Clady thought deal may not get done | ProFootballTalk
Of the eight 2013 franchise players, only one signed a long-term deal before the July 15 deadline. But Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady thought it might not happen for him. "Early in the offseason I thought it would get done," Clady said in a conference call with the media.

Ryan Clady renova com o Denver Broncos por 5 temporadas "
Peyton Manning pode respirar aliviado; seu blindside está seguro até o fim de seu contrato com o Denver Broncos pois, no começo da noite de ontem (14/07), a informou que Ryan Clady e o Denver Broncos chegaram a um acordo, e, ao invés de jogar por um ano ano pela Franchise Tag, nosso LT renovou com o time por cinco temporadas.

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Johnny Manziel incident at Manning Passing Academy putting his NFL reputation at risk - NFL - Peter King -
Good morning. Happy to be back after my annual summer break. The beginning of the training camp trip is five days away, in Oxnard, Calif., with the Cowboys. Always my favorite time of the year. Everybody's got hope, much of it legitimate, and the stories are new and fresh. Then there's the new project, The MMQB, I'm heading up. That's the new NFL-centric website that'll go live starting next Monday morning.

Who's hoping for a last minute extension -
Don't expect much action on the deadline for franchise players to sign contract extensions before the 2013 season.

REPORTS: Bengals sign Carlos Dunlap to six-year deal worth $40 million - Cincy Jungle
Multiple reports are citing a six-year deal worth $40 million for Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap. This story is developing.

Brain trauma and the NFL - It's All Over, Fat Man!
Over time, it’s become obvious that some people still believe that NFL players should always have known their sport involves a high risk of lifelong problems arising from multiple concussions - and they have to know it by now.

Report: Johnny Manziel apologizes to Texas A&M coaches | ProFootballTalk
The odd story of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel abruptly leaving the Manning Passing Academy has taken another odd turn, with Manziel reportedly apologizing to his coaches -- but still no word on what he has to apologize for.

Ex-NFL player arrested for leaving kid in car outside strip club | ProFootballTalk
If you're looking for a babysitter, former NFL linebacker Monty Ray Grow probably isn't the first guy you should call. Grow, who played for the Chiefs and Jaguars in the 1990s, was arrested after authorities said he left a 3-year-old girl alone in a car while he went into a strip club in Clearwat... ( douchebag here people. ~TL)

10 Team PPR Fantasy Football Mock Draft | Fanspeak Fantasy Football
My idea going into the draft is that there is so much depth in WR and QB, so I was focused on running backs with my first two picks. I can wait until the later rounds to snag a very good WR and a very good QB.

Weekly 5 NFL Questions | Fanspeak NFL Blog
Here's my five NFL questions/thoughts for this week. What are your thoughts/answers to these questions? 1- Jaws QB Rankings Headscratcher? I have been