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Improving MHR: what do the members want to see?

Mile High Pride brought up some good points in his fanpost.

Doug Pensinger

The spirit it was written in should bring about some good conversation. Bottom line, we're all a part of the community and we all set the direction for it.

Let this be an honest discussion amongst members and staff.

1) Nothing personal, no attacks, no name calling--this is the only rule.

Currently--what issues do you have for the front page articles or content?

What are things you see as positive in the front page articles and content?

What sorts of things would you like to see get more attention?

What Bronco related topics are you interested in reading about?

How can we improve and promote more fanposts?

How can we improve and promote more community involvement?

If you had one idea for an awesome post or series, what would it be?

I know we've asked you a lot of questions but if you could answer two more for us, we'd appreciate it, ranking importance from 1 to 7 with 1 being the most important and 7 being the least important.

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I want folks to discuss these things, let's make MHR the best it possibly can be!