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Miller: I know I did nothing wrong

Von Miller tweets as her first official response to reports that he is facing a four game suspension.

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Von Miller has just tweeted:

Not that you would need that translated, but he is saying, "Seeing reports about [a] four game suspension. I know [that] I did nothing wrong. I'm sure this [will] be resolved fairly. [I am] disappointed [the] Broncos have to open [training] camp like this."

So there you have it, there should be an official statement very soon. We will update you here when we have it.

UPDATE (7/22 2:30 PM MTN):

Of course it was over performance enhancing drugs, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman not being suspended last season in a rare victory against the NFL creates precedence for no suspension.

If Miller is suspended, the Denver Broncos could pursue and recover $860,000 of Von Miller's original signing bonus.