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2013 Denver Broncos Training Camp Previews: Quarterbacks

The real question here is do the Broncos carry 2 or 3 to the active roster?

Dustin Bradford

18 Peyton Manning, QB
Ht 6-5 Wt: 230
Age: 37 Exp: 16
Incoming Camp Status: Starter

Manning set Broncos records in completions (400), completion percentage (68.6), yards (4,659), and TD's (37). He passed Brett Favre with most games with at least 3 TD's passing (73), was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week for the 22nd time, led his team to a 10 win season for the 12th time, and was voted to his 12th pro bowl. Peyton was also voted 1st team All-Pro.

Camp Outlook:


17 Brock Osweiler, QB
Ht 6-8 Wt: 240
Age: 22 Exp: 2
Incoming Camp Status: #2

Clipboard holder extraordinaire, the great and powerful "Oz" will reprise his role as bench warmer behind Peyton Manning. The difference between last year and this year however, is that young Brock is by all counts leaps and bounds ahead of where he was last season. Everything from his footwork, release, decision making, and knowledge of the game has improved. He looked sharp in OTA's and minicamp and will provide the Broncos with a capable backup should the unthinkable goes down and Manning has to miss some time.

Camp Outlook:

Keep learnin' young gun

2 Zac Dysert, QB
Ht 6-3 Wt: 221
Age: 23 Exp: R
Incoming Camp Status: #3

Mr. Dysert seems to signal the FO mantra that you draft a QB every year and look to develop them. He provided the Broncos with great value having dropped all the way to the 7th round. Coming from college, Zac flashed a good arm with great leadership ability to go along with some good outside-the-pocket playmaking ability. If the Broncos keep 3 QB's he's the third. If the Broncos keep 2, he goes to the practice squad. Either way, whichever role he plays depends entirely how he performs in practice and preseason.

Camp Outlook:

Keep your head from spinnin, shut up, and learn the playbook

8 Ryan Katz, QB
Ht 6-1 Wt: 217
Age: 23 Exp: R
Incoming Camp Status:4th arm

Ryan actually graduated from Oregon State where he started 14 games. He finished his final season of eligibility with SDSU and completed 99-163 passes (60.7%) for 1,348 yards. He also posted a stellar TD/INT ratio of more than 3:1 (13TD/4INT).

Camp Outlook:

Mental reps until you get your handful of snaps per practice. Destined for the Practice Squad.


Whether the Broncos carry 2 QB's or 3 QB's depends entirely on Zac Dysert and what progress he shows. If he plays well both in practice and more importantly preseason when other teams will have tape on him, he will price himself out of the waiver game and the Broncos would be wise to carry him to the active roster. This move would have no implications on 2013, but in the future, perhaps the Broncos could flip him for a higher pick, or perhaps he can provide Brock with some stiff competition to be the eventual starter post Peyton Manning.

2013 v. 2013 Did the Broncos Improve?


Peyton Manning, Caleb Hanie, Brock Osweiler


Peyton Manning, Brock Osweiler, Zac Dysert, Ryan Katz

The Edge? 2013

There are precisely three reasons this is true.

Peyton Manning year 2

One more year in familiar surroundings plus one more year of recovery equals an even better Peyton Manning in 2013. The growing pains of installing an offense are no longer there. Sure guys like Welker, Montee Ball, and Louis Vasquez have some work to do, but this isn't a case of a completely new signal caller with a completely unfamiliar set of teammates. Virtually all of his skill position weapons are versed in the Manning offense and they can transform that base knowledge from the understanding level to the higher levels of action and performance.

With a 2nd full offseason, count on Manning and co. being even better prepared on the hurry-up offense front. I'm confident it will be more a fixture especially at home where they can exploit opposing teams' unfamiliarity with the altitude. It will allow them to tune out the crowd noise on the road. Most importantly, look for the WR's to be even better at recognizing and reading coverages so they can approach the same level of mental acuity as Peyton Manning.

The arm. The laser rocket arm as Peyton's Head says on twitter. Ok so Peyton has NEVER had a laser rocket arm, but we sure saw it improve throughout the year last year. Multiple sources have stated already this offseason that Peyton Manning is throwing the ball with improved zip and velocity. For a guy like Manning, I think that transfers to better accuracy and ball placement which is already top notch. It means he can pin point location better than he did last year and with our receivers it should mean a better YAC result.

Brock Osweiler year 2

I don't think anyone wanted to see Brock last year except for garbage time. This year, while the general overall feeling still is "we want Manning!" the slogan for Brock is "we're excited!". Broncos fans have been told by multiple sources that young Brock is progressing nicely. The Elway regime might have hit a home run with him, buying low in 2012 instead of reaching for a prospect in 2013.

I have confidence that the young signal caller and his improved understanding of the offense to go along with elite physical skills could step in a game or two and at the very least manage the game. With an elite defense, all you need to do is keep yourself in the game until your team can make a big play.

No Caleb Hanie

No one, and I mean no one wants to have Caleb Hanie anywhere near the backup QB spot on the roster. This is an example of addition by subtraction.

I could care less that Dysert and Katz are on the roster at the moment, this should be a two man show. In year 2, both are further ahead then they were last year and that bodes well for the Denver Broncos.