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Extenuating circumstances in the Von Miller case?

Possible good news in Von Miller case?


The definition of Extenuating Circumstances is: A situation or condition that provides an excuse for an action. According to Peter King there might be some hope that Von Miller wins his appeal against the NFL and avoids a four game suspension. King goes on to say...

It’s unlikely Miller will beat what The Denver Post claims is a looming suspension for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy, though there are growing suspicions there could be extenuating circumstances to Miller’s proposed ban. Neither he nor the Broncos were talking about it on Thursday.

King as you can see starts off saying it's unlikely Miller wins his appeal, but does leave us with a glimmer of hope. MHR's own Ian Henson speculated that Miller may have just missed a urine test, a counseling session, or a number of other things that would violations in Stage two of the NFL's intervention program. This news makes me think it may be something simple as that. We will see though. Millers appeal date is scheduled for sometime in mid August. Hopefully this is good news for Miller.