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Von Miller's suspension not because of a positive drug test

MHR's Ian Henson and Scotty Payne have been all over this and news from the Denver Post this evening confirms that the 4-game suspension Von Miller is facing is not because of any new positive drug tests.

Allison Joyce

Via The Denver Post

Von Miller did not test positive for performance enhancing drugs or recreational drugs this year to trigger his NFL-imposed four-game suspension for violating of the league's drug policy, an NFL source said Friday.

There are numerous ways for a player to fail the policy. Missing a test or counseling session is a violation. Repeatedly showing up late for tests and behavioral issues also are considered compliance violations of the NFL's intervention program.

Miller was placed in the league's substance abuse program after he tested positive for marijuana during his rookie year in 2011.

Whatever Von did, Broncos Country can breathe a sigh of relief as his supposed infraction is NOT indicative of any sort of prolonged issues with drug use whatsoever.

In Scotty's article today a user speculated that perhaps Von Miller missed a urine test when he was overseas on the USO Tour. Again this is complete speculation, but how foolish would the NFL look if something like that is what triggered this potential suspension?

It appears as if Von Miller's words about doing nothing wrong are going to be proven correct. If the whole thing is a big procedural flub that ends up costing Von Miller playing time this season, the NFL and Roger Goodell have some explaining to do.

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