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Denver Broncos Countdown to Kickoff: 59 Days

We have now eclipsed the 60's and I no longer have to speak of teams that that averaged 3-4 wins a season over the course of that decade. No offense to old-timers that saw those teams play, but if you look back on those seasons with longing and a positive attitude, it might be time to up your meds a bit. I believe in all my heart that Broncos fans born during that era should be given purple hearts and revered for their dedication to a franchise that didn't get it done.


Now onto the larger question--what exactly does Bronco Mike talk about now that we are in the limbo of countdown? As we go on from here, keep a look out for obvious numbers of players who were all time greats. 59 isn't one of them. There's Joe Rizzo from the Orange Crush days and Glenn Cadrez from the modern days but I would venture to say neither of those guys is necessarily deserving of an entire article. Before someone jumps on me about Rizzo, keep in mind there's next to nothing in the way of numbers or video to dig up on him.

I can dig up some obscure facts and stats that involve the #59 but I'm just not in the diggin' mood today. Instead I figured I would have a conversation about something that continually bugged me about last season: Peyton Manning checking into the run in situations where he saw a favorable box count, but that the down and distance was 5 or more yards. In fact on obscure days, expect that we will have some random conversation relevant to the current Bronco team.

I tracked this stat for about half the season then sort of let go of it as I gravitated towards writing about different stuff. So while this information is a bit in---com---plete, it none the less gives you a good indication about just how stupid it is to run the ball in this situation (I really REALLY hope Peyton Manning gets this information somehow).

The Broncos were just 1/11 when they tried to convert a third down on the ground when faced with 5 or more yards to convert. Going back and watching that playoff game last season, Manning did it near midfield checking down into a run and 3rd and 5--they failed then as well.

Contrast that with our offenses' numbers through the air: 17/26 65%

Now, I'm no mathematician but I do know that 65% is better than 9%. Peyton Manning is a smart man. He's forgotten more about football than you and I can ever learn. So don't take this as some peon saying he knows more than the man. Think of this as a quality control coach crunching the data, very politely going up to #18 and saying: "Mr. Manning, we have a seven-fold better chance of converting a 3rd down when you pass the ball in 3rd and 4-6 yards to convert situations than when we run it. Even if the box count is telling you to run, we should still pass."

Did this audible bother anyone else last season? With 58 being tomorrow, expect some love for Von Miller!

Cool 59 Factoid

If the Broncos passed on 3rd and 4-6 yards 59 times, they would convert 38 times. If the Broncos ran on 3rd and 4-6 yards 59 times, they would convert 5 times.

Notable Broncos to wear #59

Joe Rizzo 1974-1980

Glen Cadrez: 1995-2000

Current Bronco wearing #59

Danny Trevathan

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