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Report: Broncos Talked to Saturday & Amano

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Ryan Lilja was not the only retired center that the Denver Broncos attempted to coax out of retirement this week.

Manny Ramirez could have had even more veteran competition than we knew of.
Manny Ramirez could have had even more veteran competition than we knew of.

Formerly of the Denver Post, Jeff Legwold now works for ESPN and has gone live with a pretty interesting tidbit as one of his first articles for Legwold states in a larger piece about the Denver Broncos woes at center, that the team approached not just Ryan Lilja about coming out of retirement, but Jeff Saturday and Eugene Amano as well.

Saturday as you may know is currently a behind the desk analyst on ESPN and Amano last played in 2011 for the Tennessee Titans. Neither Saturday, Amano or Lilja have participated in any sort of offseason training program. So it is a safe assumption that none of them are in peak physical condition.

Legwold goes on to point out that the mere signing of Lilja and recent signing Steve Vallos have pushed down second year center Philip Blake on the depth chart.

I am not going to question the legitimacy of that report, but I will say that Lilja hasn't even suited up yet and Vallos has been in camp for two days and yet to intensely participate.

I broke down the situation at the center position earlier this week, but I want to point out that the addition of Lilja, along with news that the Broncos were attempting to cast an even wider net shows that the team is not happy with what they have at center.

The position appears to be wide open.