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Brandon Stokley to sign with Ravens

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Via, the Baltimore Ravens will sign veteran slot receiver Brandon Stokley.

Harry How

This adds a completely new and interesting wrinkle to the September 5th matchup between the two teams.  Brandon Stokley did a fantastic job as the 3rd Broncos WR last year.  He was integral both in helping Peyton Manning rehab, and helping Peyton Manning choose the Mile High City.  When the Broncos went out and signed Wes Welker this past offseason, the writing was on the wall that Stokley was done here in Denver.  The Broncos never attempted to resign him, and throughout the entire situation, Stokley showed nothing but class even going as far to say that he would have signed Wes Welker too.

Flacco and co. had fallen on tough times as of late with the season ending injury to TE Dennis Pitta.  In the offseason they traded one of Flacco's most reliable weapons in Anquan Boldin.

Brandon was targeted 63 times and caught 48 balls for 571 yards (11.9 APC) to go along with 6 TD's.  He was banged up periodically throughout the regular season but still provided that veteran presence the Broncos needed to compliment the young talent they have at the receiver position.  I think it is a great signing for the Ravens even if he's only used sporadically.  Depending on the depth the Ravens have at TE behind Dickson, they may be forced into more 3-receiver sets.

A premiere matchup to look forward to will be Chris Harris on Stokley in the slot.  As teammates last year both are very familiar with each other.  Harris has had all camp to hone his skills against Wes Welker winning some battles and losing some.  One has to think that his familiarity with Stokley along with his practice against Welker gives Harris the slight advantage heading into the season opener.

26 Days MHR, CAN'T WAIT!!!