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Von Miller arrest: Broncos linebacker arrested on failure to appear warrant

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The news could not have come at a worse time.

Today, one day before Von Miller's scheduled appeal hearing for a four-game suspension, news broke that the Denver Broncos linebacker was arrested over the weekend for failure to appear in court for traffic violations.

According to the Denver Post, Miller was arrested at the Centennial Gun Club Sunday for a warrant issued after he failed to appear in court in January. That hearing stemmed from October 2012 charges of careless driving, driving without a license and no proof of insurance.

Miller posted $1,000 bond that night.

"We have been aware of the matter involving Von Miller’s failure to appear in court for traffic violations," the Denver Broncos said in a statement. "It was reported to the league earlier this week and is being handled through the legal system."

The warrant for Miller's arrest would have appeared on a background check when trying to purchase a weapon or a concealed-carry permit.

It's incredibly disappointing to hear of this news a day before Miller's hearing, but it is painting a picture: not of a criminal deviant, but of a kid. A young person who has issues with taking responsibility and maturely fulfilling his obligations.

The painting comes into even clearer focus when you consider the reports that Miller's suspension stems from a missed drug test, not a failed one. Whether it is a scheduled drug screening, court date, or even the need to carry car insurance, Miller isn't going out of his way to break the law, but he is failing to follow it.

Between charitable contributions and flying overseas to visit the troops this spring, Miller does far more good in this world than bad. He just needs to figure out how to do that without breaking the law.