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Von Miller's appeal meeting Thursday may not be an appeal at all

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Updated 4:25 p.m.

It had earlier been reported that Von Miller would meet with NFL officials Thursday, August 15 to have his appeal heard. Now it is not clear what the intent of his meeting is.

It looks like Broncos fans will have to wait a little longer regarding Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller's appeal. Miller was suspended for four games for violating the substance abuse policy, but the suspension was not triggered by a failed test, according to reports.

However, there are still reports suggesting Miller is meeting with NFL officials. ESPN and The Denver Post still each have articles posted, updated within the last hour, that say Miller will meat with NFL officials:

He has repeatedly expressed confidence he will win his appeal, which will be heard by league officials Thursday. (ESPN)
Miller's representatives — including NFL Players Association lawyers — will meet with NFL officials Thursday to discuss his suspension appeal. (Denver Post)

The Broncos said they were not able to comment on these reports due to the confidentiality of the process in which Miller is involved.

It looks we will have to wait until the end of August to find out whether his appeal is accepted or denied.

News broke today of Miller being arrested for a missed court date back in January. I'm not sure if this will have any effect on his appeal or not. In the end this isn't good PR for Von Miller or the Broncos organization.