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2013 Denver Broncos: Moreno out of Practice, Doerr waived, Training Camp

On an eventful day regarding a certain all-world pass rusher named Von Miller, let me get you caught up on the other news regarding the Denver Broncos!

Doug Pensinger

Starting off with Training Camp, Knowshon Moreno sat out practice today with a bruised knee:

That meant new UDFA sensation, RB du jour CJ Anderson saw some time with the 2's as Hillman and Ball continued to split reps with the 1's.

I love Knowshon, but this is precisely why he's sitting 3rd on the depth chart behind two less experienced players, he's always hurt.  It always seems like something goes wrong with him.  A bruised knee isn't going to hurt his chances of making the roster, but Krisztal makes a good point about this weekend's preseason game against the Seahawks.  CJ Anderson will get plenty of opportunity and against better competition.  If he shines here, he can continue to build momentum and make it negligent for the Broncos to cut him or even place him on the practice squad.  Entirely up to him.

Speaking of specific players on the team...

The writing was on the wall especially with the recent contract extension of incumbent P Britton Colquitt. I know the Broncos like to over pay for kickers and all, but not even an obsession could make Elway and Co. keep a guy on the squad who has no shot at sticking.  Ryan Doerr, we hardly knew ye---Salud!!!

As far as "cheers" lets hope Tom Heckert no longer has a local watering hole where everybody knows his name.  The disgraced Broncos executive who was suspended more than a month ago for an alleged DUI incident is scheduled to return to work tomorrow.  Good timing for the Broncos who could likely use another set of eyes to keep a look out on the pro side of operations as preseason winds down and veteran talent gets cut.  In such a physical sport like pro football, you never know where you might have to pick somebody up off the scrap heap to plug a hole.

Tomorrow will also mark the final public practice for fans at Broncos training camp.  Time always flies by, but as always stay tuned for continued coverage and wrap up on the doins' out at Dove Valley this final week of camp.

Today's positives and negatives from camp with a H/T to both Kaptain Kirk and Andrew Mason for their respective reports:

+ The offense excelled in situational football converting 3 out of 4 scoring tries between the 1's and 2's.  This included a Matt Prater 51-yard game winner.  In goalline drills, Peyton hit Hillman, Caldwell, and Wes Welker for TD's

+ Trindon Holliday saw more reps on offense and flashed big play potential.  He also showed the dropsies that have plagued him this far in his young career.  He fumbled on an end around, but picked it up and ran for a TD outpacing David Bruton who has sick speed.  He also beat coverage deep but a pass by Brock went through his fingertips.

- Mason sees the lack of leadership on the defensive line with the departure of Elvis Dumervil as a potential area that could hurt during the season.

- Noticed a lot of 1-3 yard carries noted in Kirk's report for Hillman and Montee in 11 on 11's.  Running game needs to pick it up.

There you have it Broncos Country, see you on the flip side!