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MHR Radio Podcast episode 2.4: Von Miller, Seahawks, training camp

MHR Radio Podcast talks Von Miller's arrest, Seahawks preseason game, and more Denver Broncos training camp! Stream, download, subscribe right here!

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The MHR Radio Podcast returns!

Good morning, Broncos country, and welcome to another edition of the MHR Radio Podcast! We've dubbed this revival of MHR Radio "Season 2", and this is episode 4. Your host Ian Henson, your producer Danh Hoang, and yours truly are starting to get in the swing of things in podcast-land, and it is you, the loyal listener, who looks to benefit.

Topics covered today:

  • Von Miller's arrest
  • C.J. Anderson: Is he for real? (We go to Pro Football Focus to find out).
  • Duke Ihenacho: Is he for real?
  • Seriously, Von Miller?
  • Vonspiracy: what about Von Miller's representation?
  • What can we expect in Preseason Week 2 at Seattle?
  • Von Miller, I am disappoint
  • More Breaking Bad talk

We're also working hard to line up interviews with podcasters from opposing teams, media members, and players. Have a few things definitely coming down the pike soon... including one of training camp's biggest stars who has tentatively agreed to join the show! More details soon!

Go Broncos! We hope you enjoy!

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