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The Latest on Vonspiracy: Dilutions and False Positives

Keeping Bronco Country as up to the minute as possible with what is going on with Von Miller.

Von Miller was in Washington D.C., not New York City today.
Von Miller was in Washington D.C., not New York City today.

Ah the internet!

Disinformation, misinformation and the funneling of information through Denver's only print newspaper.

As we told you this morning the the MHR Radio Podcast, Von Miller would not be in New York City to meet with the NFL today regarding a possible suspension. Where Miller was today was Washington D.C. to meet with the NFL Players Association.

He was excused from practice today.

CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora had this to say this morning regarding the meeting:

As for the particulars of the Miller case, the NFLPA is deeply involved in the defense, and feels strongly this result was either diluted or a false positive of some sort.

A diluted sample is simple, when you to take your test, you may not feel the need to urinate. So you drink a lot of water all at once in hopes that you can urinate sooner. That would be one cause of a diluted sample.

Of course there is the more sinister cause of a diluted sample, which is that one may take some sort of liquid or physical product which would dilute their own urine in an effort to not show positive for a banned or illegal substance.

Either form of diluted sample would be enough for a United States Judge to revoke bond, as both are considered a positive test to those that have urine analysis testing as part of their bond. I do not know the exact rules for the NFL and players who are in Step 2 of their program. I assume that it is something very similar being that a lot of the people making the rules are or were attorneys.

We know from the first time I talked about this, a player in Step 2 may be required to produce a urine sample every three days. If Miller produced a clean sample three days after the possible diluted sample, he has an even strong argument that he should not receive a suspension.

Likely on the discussion table between Miller and the NFLPA is how the heck does anyone know that this is even happening right now. It should be a secret. It could be argued the the NFL owning and operating an extremely popular website and television network could be letting loose lips go in order to provide higher ratings and more exclusives.

Miller is now said to be meeting with the NFL on Tuesday, August 20th. All indications are that he will be in Seattle for the Broncos game this Saturday.