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First Half Open Thread: Denver Broncos at Seattle Seahawks

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I'm not a huge buyer in the hype of the Seattle Seahawks, but in some circles they are being touted as Super Bowl favorites. I expect the Broncos first string to conduct their business and for the depth to remain strong to win this football game.

Harry How


The Denver Broncos slugged it out with the San Francisco 49ers in the first preseason game and it really was a defensive bout. Thanks to a fumble return for a touchdown, the Broncos came out on top 10-6.

Tonight, I'll be looking for the rust to come off the first string offense and with more than one series being played, some dang points being scored! The defense is great at adjusting, so expect the first team to get better after the first series of the game as well.

Where to Watch: Don't miss the game! Here is a list of where to catch the game tonight. Also, NFL Network will join the game in progress at around 8:30 MDT.

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