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Broncos 10, Seahawks 40: Instant Reaction

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Well, the starters played longer tonight. With an extended look at our eventual Super Bowl Champion 2013, here are my Instant Reactions.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Please, oh please Derek Wolfe, get better soon! I'm not a doctor, but Cervical Spine Injury sounds pretty bad! Putting the fact that you're a huge part of our team aside, I think I can speak for all Broncos fans when I say that we hope you get better because you're a great person and deserve good things.

Peyton Manning continues to look impressive. It's pretty clear that he should be past anyone asking him about how he feels, although that hit he took early in the game looked nasty!

Rush Defense looking pretty darn good... Pass Defense? Looking a lot like 2010! I know it's "vanilla" out there, but c'mon guys. They did start playing better with Travathan and Irving in there though, so there is hope. Either that, or Russell Wilson really is the real deal.

The decline of Champ Bailey might be continuing before our very eyes. I know he likes to put forth just enough effort to get a good sweat going in practice and pre-season, but this is ridiculous!

How do you like your "Top 20" most important player? Huh? Huh? Man, I'm even more sold on the fact that Hillman will lose his starting gig before the season is over now. Heck, he very well might have cost himself the starting roll during this game! He fumbled twice tonight with him falling on the 1st one, but the 2nd cost us a TD and gave Seattle a TD. That was a 14 point swinging fumble! Guess who doesn't fumble? MONTEE BALL!!!!!!!

When they were running with the true 1st team offense (meaning Manning is in there), Hillman averaged 2.6 yards per carry with 2 fumbles. Montee Ball averaged 5 yards per carry with 0 fumbles. Need I say more?

What's up with our special team's coverage units? They are looking VERY sloppy!

Brock Osweiler seems to have fallen back to earth and landed with a huge THUD! It's either a case of "take 1 step forward and 2 steps back", or Seattle's D (including backups) are ridiculously good. Either way, the Brock Watch isn't looking good after this latest game.

The Middle Linebacker position still seems to be a position of weakness. Bradley consistently looks out of place, and Irving is playing mostly with the backups. Is Steven Johnson the answer? I think so, but it's hard to tell because the coaching staff seems content in trying to make Bradley work even though he obviously isn't!

Either the refs or Alex Gibbs needs to get their act together because either Gibbs isn't teaching any lineman how to line up legally, or the refs have bigger homer glasses on than I do. I think it might be the latter, because we all know that Gibbs demands perfection and knows what he's doing.

Speaking of the refs... this crew needs to never work a professional game again. They made Helen Keller look like she had 20/20 vision!

Outside of that, it was just a late and sloppy game. Get healthy Wolfe and Champ, we need you guys!