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Injuries: Denver Broncos Leave Seattle With Derek Wolfe, Wes Welker, Champ Bailey, Louis Vasquez Banged Up

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The Broncos were embarrassed 40-10 in their Week 2 preseason showdown against the Seahawks on Saturday night, but the final score is the least of their concerns with the regular season now just 18 days away.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Good news first:  All MRI's, CT scans, and x-rays came back negative for defensive end Derek Wolfe, who traveled home with the team last night.  Here's hoping and praying that Wolfe, who suffered a scary spine injury, will be A-OK.

And now the not so good news:  Cornerback Champ Bailey was seen after the game on crutches with a boot on his left foot, according to a Denver Post report.  Per the 'Post, x-rays came back negative but an MRI has been scheduled.

Meanwhile, wide receiver Wes Welker suffered a right ankle sprain, John Fox said after the game.  Starting offensive guard Louis Vasquez also left the game with a knee injury.  The severity of these injuries remains unknown.

When the Broncos return to the practice field this week, more details on these injuries will surface.  Denver's next preseason game is scheduled for Sat., Aug. 24 at 6 p.m. MT.  It will be nationally broadcast on CBS.