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Von Miller Suspension: What is going on?

The NFL deserves scathing criticism for the way it's handled this entire situation. These things are supposed to be confidential but since the information first leaked it still seems as if Broncos fans everywhere are trying to piece the logic together. Here is the latest information from "Vonspiracy 2013".

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

That is where we stand at the moment.  We know Von was originally placed into the NFL's substance abuse policy following a positive drug test during his rookie year.  We know that it wasn't for PED's but rather because of marijuana and possibly some other undisclosed amphetimine.  We know something else triggered the original noise around the 4 game suspension, what we don't know is why it has been bumped from 4 to 6 games.  If the original suspension was due to a diluted drug test, an article from deadspin might shed the light a bit as to what made the suspension 6 games.

A player eventually progresses to Stage Two, with or without successful completion of Stage One (as decided by the NFL's medical director). In Stage Two, discipline becomes possible.

If a player has successfully completed Stage One, the punishment for a violation in Stage Two a fine equal to four games' pay. If the player has not completed Stage One, the punishment for a violation in Stage Two is a four-game suspension. It was first reported last month that Miller was facing a four-game suspension, so we can assume he didn't complete Stage One.

A second violation in Stage Two increases the suspension to six games.

It's important to note the broad wording in the policy: "failure to comply with treatment plan" is as bad as failing another drug test. This means Miller didn't necessarily have to test positive to earn his four-, then six-game suspensions-he could have twice missed a test or a counseling session and the punishment would be the same. Since the Post reported that Miller's suspension doesn't involve a failed test, this is the most likely scenario.

If the original suspension triggered the 4 game suspension then something along the lines of "failure to comply with treatment plan" is what has caused the addition of two games.

The time table on this is really fishy.  We don't know exactly when a first failure to comply in stage 2 occurred, but it's safe to say that the 2nd occurrence happened as both parties were dealing with the 1st.  Last week we were expecting Von to appeal his suspension and abruptly plans changed.  We assumed it could have been because of his recent arrest due to bench warrant issued on failure to appear in court for traffic violations.  That also has been shot down as a "separate issue".  Could the movement of that hearing date have been because of a recent non-compliance?  Perhaps.

The most disturbing thing out of this is not whether or not Von Miller is a drug addict, that is not the case, but rather if he has lingering maturity issues that are to blame for most of the problems he is facing.  I'm still behind Von Miller 100%.  That being said, I hope someone gets in his ear and helps him keep accountable going forward.  If he were to slip up again, it could cost him a season, and that would be quite a shame for one of the greatest young talents in the NFL today.

MHR attempted to contact the Denver Broncos, but they have no comment on the ESPN report and have yet to issue any official statement on the matter.

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