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VIDEO: Early Audio From Carrie Underwood's New Sunday Night Football Intro

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It's music to our ears—literally!

In May, NBC announced that Faith Hill will no longer sing their "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" intro to Sunday Night Football going forward. The network replaced Hill with fellow country singer Carrie Underwood, the American Idol Season 4 star and six-time Grammy Award winner.

The lyrics to the intro are expected to be the same, but NBC confirmed that the song will be slightly tweaked to fit Underwood's style (view the 2012 intro here). We get a slight glimpse of that style in this short video.

In 2010, Underwood performed the national anthem at Super Bowl XLIV. Drew Brees' New Orleans Saints defeated Peyton Manning's Indianapolis Colts 31-17 on that day.

In this year's SNF open, Manning will be representing the Broncos. Manning participated in a shoot with the network in June (he's probably going to be shown sitting down in a computer-generated locker room).

The Broncos will play three games on NBC this season—the season opener against the Baltimore Ravens (Sept. 5), a Week 7 match against the Colts (Oct. 20), and a Week 12 contest with the New England Patriots (Nov. 24).

Even though the Broncos open the season on NBC, it is unclear if the network will debut Underwood's intro on September 5 because the game will be played on a Thursday. But there's no doubt we'll see Underwood for Denver's two SNF showdowns later in the season.