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Denver Broncos Countdown To Kickoff: Zane Beadles - 17 Days

The Mile High Report staff each ranked their top 20 most important players on the Denver Broncos roster. We averaged the rankings and compiled them into a final list that best represented the overall choices. Next man up is Zane Beadles.

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The Rankings

Overall rank (1-20)

Kyle Montgomery

Bronco Mike

Tim Lynch





Topher Doll

Big Pete

Mr. East

Brain Shrout

Jon Heath






N/A 11th





From the Horses' Mouth

Big Pete

Zane Beadles is important, but I don't think he's "Top 20" important. Again, all the linemen originally made my Top 20, but as I went back over it a dozen or so times, I started bumping the Offensive Linemen for other players. Nothing against Beadles, but I think we could replace him without too much of a loss which is why he slid out of my final Top 20 rankings.

Jon Heath

I somewhat agree with Big Pete on this one.  Quarterback Peyton Manning has to be kept upright, of course, but Zane Beadles isn't unreplaceable.  Heck, when Chris Kuper is healthy, Beadles is the third-best guard on the team (behind Kuper and Louis Vasquez).  With all of that said, Beadles is coming off a Pro Bowl season and remains a solid starter on the team's offensive line.

Kyle Montgomery

Beadles had a big 2012, a huge improvement from his two prior years as a Bronco. I entered the 2012 season thinking he could be a liability on the OL; instead he proved to be a strength. Beadles is doubly important because of the continuity he provides - there will be a new center and right guard for the Broncos in front of Peyton Manning, so having the same guy at left guard will be huge. I had Beadles ranked 15th because I think Denver's offensive line performance, as a whole, will be the second most critical factor for the Broncos' road to Super Bowl XLVIII - second only to the health and performance of Peyton Manning himself.

Bronco Mike

Beadles may be the 2nd most important lineman on the Broncos roster next to Ryan Clady.  I don't agree with the argument that he's the 3rd best guard on the team.  His play provides a very unique skillset that the Broncos would be hardpressed to find from any backup including Chris Kuper.  Beadles plays the role of athletic pulling guard.  He is the one that will make or break the pin and pull stretch concept work in 2013.  You want linemen to get to the 2nd level in ZB, you want them to get out ahead of the ball carrier on screens?  He's your man.  The Broncos would lose a ton of athleticism if he were to go down in 2013.

Notable Broncos to wear #17:

Mitch Berger 2009

Steve DeBerg 1981-1983

Current Bronco wearing #17:

Brock Osweiler