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Broncos Trade Siliga for Moffitt

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The Broncos have traded defensive tackle Sealver Siliga to the Seattle Seawaks for guard John Moffitt.

Broncos acquire John Moffitt for Sealver Siliga
Broncos acquire John Moffitt for Sealver Siliga
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Busy day for the Denver Broncos and busier day for John Moffitt, who has been an unofficial/official member of three different NFL teams. The Seattle Seahawks earlier traded Moffitt to the Cleveland Browns, but that trade was voided with he failed his physical.

Moffitt has now been traded the the Broncos in exchange for defensive tackle Sealver Siliga.

The Seahawks send a guard who was a third round (75th overall) pick by Seattle in the 2011 draft, he started nine games in 2011, before being injured in Week 13. He started six weeks in 2012 and played in eight. He is 6'4", 319 lbs in his third year out of Wisconsin, Moffitt is 26.

Moffitt was suspended for four games in December of 2011 for testing positive for a banned substance, his agent contended at the time that it was adderall.