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Denver Broncos Countdown to Kickoff: Trindon Holliday - 16 Days

The Mile High Report staff each ranked their top 20 most important players on the Denver Broncos roster. We averaged the rankings and compiled them into a final list that best represented the overall choices. Next man up is Trindon Holliday.

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The Rankings

Overall rank (1-20)

Kyle Montgomery

Bronco Mike

Tim Lynch





Topher Doll

Big Pete

Mr. East

Brain Shrout

Jon Heath






17th N/A





From the Horses' Mouth

Big Pete

I had Holliday at #16 which means he's slotted just right. Nothing can completely change the momentum of a game quite like a special team's touchdown, and Holliday is certainly one of the best at that. His only issue is ball security. If he can shore that up, he can move even higher up this list. He's unquestionably one of the most electric players in the league, and arguably the most exciting player on the Broncos roster. Whether it's a huge return for a TD or a fumble, each time Holliday lines up for a return, our collective breaths will be held in anticipation. Congratulations Holliday, you are our #16 player.

Jon Heath

Trindon Holliday may not be the fastest man in the NFL, but he is one of the better returners in the league today. Field position is a vital part of the game and Holliday helps the Broncos win that battle on a weekly basis.

Topher Doll

Returner represents one of the most impact full players on the field, as do both legmen. Holliday is a game changer, for good or bad, when he sets foot on the field the game is going to tip, and that is a good definition of a player who is important.

Bronco Mike

Mr. Dynamic. No one since Rick UpChurch has lit up the return game in a debut performance like Trindon Holliday. Mark my words right now, not only will he provide that dynamite on returns, but he'll pack a big bang in limited action as a RB/WR. "Big Play Holliday" will keep you glued to your tube as he blazes through coverage units and opposing defenses in 2013.

Ian Henson

He's a shotgun blast, given the nature of them, they generally leave a huge hole somewhere, but sometimes just piss off a bear if fired from the wrong distance. A complete asset in as much as he is a liability, he is the one person on the Denver Broncos aside from Peyton Manning who seems can single handedly change the game with one play.

Scotty Payne

Holliday is our secret weapon. We all know about our offense and playmakers on D, but Holliday can change the game in one flash, and it's usually in a blink of the eye. The shortest man on the field is the fastest man on the field. As we all saw in the playoff game, Holliday can take kicks returns and punt returns to the house. Holliday will be very important to the Broncos success in 2013.

Notable Broncos to wear #16:

Jake Plummer 2003-2006

Tom Rouen 1993-2002

Current Bronco wearing #16:

Quincy McDuffie