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Reminder: MHR Fantasy Football is back!

See you on the virtual gridiron.

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation and Mile High Report have once again partnered with Yahoo! for our free fantasy football leagues. Our first callout for MHR fantasy football action saw great success. We already have four full official Yahoo! leagues - and a couple of other MHR leagues through other sites.

But we're not done yet. We want to be fair to those who may have missed our previous callout. After all, everyone deserves to get their butt whupped.

With that in mind, we're opening the leagues up to the comments again. Use this link (or the one below) to create an MHR league if you're interested. If you create a new league, post the link to join in the comments. We'll publish it to the post so others can join your league.

Also, share your fantasy team name, because I still haven't seen a better Broncos-centric one than mine: The Full Montee.

And see you on the virtual gridiron.

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