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Denver Broncos Countdown to Kickoff: Matt Prater - 13 Days

The Mile High Report staff each ranked their top 20 most important players on the Denver Broncos roster. We averaged the rankings and compiled them into a final list that best represented the overall choices. Next man up is Matt Prater.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Rankings

Overall rank (1-20)

Kyle Montgomery

Bronco Mike

Tim Lynch





Topher Doll

Big Pete

Mr. East

Brain Shrout

Jon Heath




N/A 15th




From the Horses' Mouth

Kyle Montgomery

Bronco Mike

I Pra-ter God that Matt makes the kick when the game is on the line. I Pra-ter God that if we are in the playoffs lining up for a game winning kick and it's from that 40-49 yard range the guy will do his best Jason Elam impersonation instead of channeling Ray Finkle. To think, the fate of our entire season can rest on the inconsistent right leg of Matt Prater......makes me shutter at night.

Jon Heath

As long as Matt Prater is kicking balls through those two yellow posts and booting touchbacks on kickoffs, he'll stay in good graces. Stay on track, Matt.

Big "Miracle Worker" Pete

How anybody can have our leading scorer #13 and not higher is beyond me! Prater may not be very consistent in the 40-49 yard range, but he's money everywhere else. I'm hoping that it's a mental thing with him and that he can fix it (or fixed it) in the offseason. I have him ranked #6 because I honestly believe that you can't have your leading scorer outside of the top 10. I wanted to put him Top 5 but couldn't simply because I think we need a few other guys in order to get Prater in FG range to become our leading scorer. Regardless, any way you slice it, to have the team's leading scorer outside of the Top 10 is criminal, plain and simple!

Pete, my friend, you know what's criminal? Hitting the dirt with your foot before your foot hits the ball causing you to shank a big money kick that led to a 10-point swing in a playoff game.

Notable Broncos to wear #13

Steve Tensi 1967-1970

Current Bronco wearing #13

Kemonte Bateman