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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 8/24/13

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Buck up Broncos Country, the Denver Broncos are GOOD. In fact, they are so freaking good that Von Miller's absence won't faze them one bit! OHHHHHH YYYEEEAAAAHHHHH!

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller's suspension won't slow them down | The MMQB
The LB's talent and versatility will be missed for six games, but nothing looks poised to truly derail the AFC's runaway favorites.

PFS Panel on Peyton Manning -
Peyton Manning. The very name conjures up shudders in defenders everywhere. He is accurate, talented and knows how to read a defense.

Denver Broncos News & Blogs

Running backs need to get a grip before Broncos' season starts - The Denver Post
Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase put on his most serious face to accompany his sternest tone of voice. The subject: running backs. Gase isnt messing around.

New Broncos policy restricts bag sizes at stadium - The Denver Post
A new policy at NFL games will force Broncos fans to be a bit more transparent with their belongings, which must be carried in small, see-through bags.

Broncos defense minus Von Miller? Nuggets forecast? - The Denver Post
Hochmans Happy Hour: Each weekday near quittin time, Denver Post sports columnist Benjamin Hochman primes the barstool banter. In this installment, Hochman takes questions.

Denver Broncos defensive lineman will "probably be back by Week 1" - The Denver Post
Derek Wolfe said he felt lucky Thursday. The defensive lineman, who left the Broncos preseason game in Seattle last weekend in an ambulance, will be back playing football soon. He hopes to be a starter in the Sept. 5 season opener against Baltimore.

Five Things to Watch: Broncos vs. Rams Preseason Dress Rehearsal - Predominantly Orange
As is typical for the third pre-season game, the Broncos will let a good number of their starters play into the third quarter of Saturday night’s game against the St. Louis Rams.

Inside the Villain's Venue: Broncos v. Rams Preseason - Predominantly Orange
It’s that time of year again where we go Inside the Villain’s Venue to get a handle on who the Broncos are playing this week. There’s no better time to kick this off than with the St. Louis Rams coming to town.

Malik Jackson steps up - It's All Over, Fat Man!
When the trainers were out working on Derek Wolfe’s injury during the Seattle game, I found myself thinking, "Thank heavens Malik Jackson has been stepping up."

Preseason semana 3: Rams @ Broncos – preview "
Acontece amanhã a noite o terceiro jogo da preseason 2013 e o Denver Broncos recebe o Saint Louis Rams para o confronto. Wes Welker, a principal contratação desta inter temporada, vai ser poupado devido a uma lesão de tornozelo, mas ele estaria pronto caso fosse um jogo de temporada regular.

Wesley Woodyard deve jogar como MLB "
Lá nos idos de 2008, quando o técnico do Denver Broncos ainda era Mike Shanahan, a comissão técnica da equipe gostou muito do que viu no novato não draftado Wesley Woodyard. Vindo da universidade de Kentucky, o novato impressionou com sua velocidade, atitude e experiência em campo. E isso foi mais do que suficiente para que ele estive no elenco final de 53 jogadores.

AFC West Rival Roundup

32 Teams in 32 Days: San Diego Chargers |
The Chargers went into 2012 knowing that it was a make-or-break year for virtually everyone. Failure to reach the playoffs would result in a major overhaul of the team, starting at the top. As the season played out, their opponents exploited their obvious weaknesses, leading to a disappointing 7-9 finish.

Chargers sign CB Richard Marshall to one-year contract - Bolts From The Blue
The San Diego Chargers have added depth to their defensive backfield by signing free agent cornerback Richard Marshall to a one-year contract.

Chiefs vs. Steelers preseason: A brief history between KC and PIT - Arrowhead Pride
The Chiefs second-to-last playoff victory came against Pittsburgh. Read on for more facts about the Chiefs and Steelers history.

NFL News & Blogs

Finally, the Ray Lewis mixtape is here -
You wanted a mini-mixtape of Pharrell beats and vague but deeply felt Ray Lewis motivational speechifying, right? Anyway, you've got it.

Goodell pressured ESPN to pull out of concussion documentary, per report -
A heated meeting between the NFL and ESPN's top execs reportedly resulted in the network's decision to scrap its participation in a joint project with PBS examining the impact of concussions in the sport and the league's response.

ESPN reportedly caves to Roger Goodell, and the players lose -
ESPN dropped its support of a Frontline documentary about brain injuries in the NFL. Why? Because Roger Goodell is more interested in protecting the billionaire owners than the men who play the game.

Joe Flacco says Ray Lewis' speeches didn't make sense -
Don't look for Joe Flacco to try any Ray Lewis-style pep talks. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback joked that he wasn't always sure what the probable Hall of Fame linebacker said.

Tim Tebow doesn't play in New England Patriots' loss -
Tebow Time might be running out after Tim Tebow didn't play in the New England Patriots' loss Thursday night. If he survives Tuesday's roster cuts, Tebow must prove himself in the preseason finale.

How to solve Tarell Brown's $2 million mistake | National Football Post
Joel Segal, Tarell Brown’s new agent, and the San Francisco 49ers have had discussions about finding a resolution for the $2 million base salary escalator Brown forfeited by skipping the 49ers’ voluntary offseason workout program.

How do first-year head coaches fare in Week 1? | National Football Post
In two weeks time, eight men will take the sidelines at NFL stadiums across the league, assuming control of their first regular season games draped in the colors and under the watchful eyes of new employers.

Why the Carolina Panthers Won't Make the 2013 NFL Playoffs - NFL Mocks
It’s almost certain this article will get railroaded by fans and a few experts as well who disagree, but after a number of predicted winners for the 2013 NFL playoffs, it’s high time to pinpoint a possible loser. That is the Carolina Panthers.

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