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St. Louis Rams at Denver Broncos: First Half Open Thread

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I am a big believer in the St. Louis Rams and still think they will challenge the 49ers and Seahawks for a playoff spot in the NFC. Nothing has changed my mind since I put the Rams 14th in my power rankings back in June.

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The Denver Broncos are coming off a pretty terrible game against the Seattle Seahawks and are probably looking to come out and have a strong outing tonight and regain some of the confidence they had heading into the preseason.

The Rams look to be a tough opponent and tend to play teams hard, but the game is in the Mile High City and fans will no doubt be hankering for some football. Expect some loud noise tonight. I like the Broncos from start to finish in this one.

Where to Watch: Don't miss the game! Here is a list of where to catch the game tonight.

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