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Broncos 27-Rams 26, Instant Reactions

How did the Broncos do in the "dress rehearsal" preseason game? Not that great, but they came away with a W.

Montee Ball had 1 TD tonight
Montee Ball had 1 TD tonight
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

This just in... Ronnie Hillman needs to be benched... forever! I don't know what type of evidence he has on John Fox, but it has to be juicy in order for him to keep his starting roll after 2 straight weeks of horrendous play!

Trindon Holliday is saying "Damn dude, you need to learn how to hold onto the ball."

Welcome back Ryan Clady!!! You are missed my friend.

Our offense is playing fast.. really really fast. The Broncos had 30 offensive plays in the 1st quarter. That's ridiculous!!! I just hope it leads to more points in the regular season.

Why in the world is Fox starting Von Miller? for real, why? I'd think that he would use this time to get the week 1 starting defense gelling instead of having Miller play with the 1's

Mitch Unrein and Malik Jackson showed up to play today! Everyone's favorite darlings actually played up to their hype in this game. I've been skeptical on both of them, but tonight, I'll eat a bit of crow. I wont eat a lot because it's pre-season, but I'll eat a little (especially Malik).

I'm going to say this right here and right now... Although I love me some Montee Ball (1 TD tonight), I think Knowshon Moreno should start the season at RB with Ball rotating in with him. Hillman is horrible and Ball still has his head spinning with the playbook. Moreno gives us the most stability at that position, and he flat out earned a start based on last season alone!

That leads me to Matt Prater.... I had him #6 most important player, and he didn't disappoint tonight. While his 1st FG attempt was blocked (not his fault), his next 2 including a 54 yarder were right down the center of the uprights. This guy is a stud and will be our leading scorer. Top 10 I tell you, Top 10!!!!

Brock looked good tonight. He started off shaky, but settled down and looked good overall. He obviously still has some work to do, but hey, he has plenty of time to learn from Manning.

One thing is for certain... if you didn't play tonight, there's a better than average chance that you aren't making the team. Sorry Jeremiah Johnson, but this means you're gone. I know some guys love you, but the Broncos just aren't that into you.