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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 8/25/13

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It's tough doing horse tracks after a late game, which is only made worse by my over sleeping tendencies of weekend days. This is a Broncos-only edition of Horse Tracks. I may be late, but at least I bringeth the Broncos news completely.

Justin Edmonds

Peyton’s Take: Broncos vs. Rams |
Quarterback Peyton Manning gives his take on Denver's 27-26 preseason win vs. St. Louis.

Five Questions, Answered: Broncos vs. Rams |
Andrew Mason breaks down the Broncos' 27-26 win against the Rams and answers the top-five questions leading into the game.

Denver Broncos Videos

BTV Highlights: Broncos vs. Rams |
Field level action from the Broncos' 27-26 win over the Rams.

Pre Week 3: St. Louis Rams vs. Denve Broncos highlights - NFL Videos
The Denver Broncos running back corps had a successful evening in a 26-27 win over the St. Louis Rams despite stellar play by Rams linebacker Alec Ogletree who had a touchdown and interception Saturday night in Denver.

Manning on Rhythm Against the Rams |
Peyton Manning talks about how the first team offense performed during Saturday's win over St. Louis.

Fox on RBs, Win Over Rams |
Coach John Fox talked about turnovers, Von Miller and more following the Broncos 27-26 win over the Rams.

Sounds From the Locker Room |
Postgame reaction from the Broncos locker room following Saturday's preseason victory over the Rams.

Denver Broncos News & Blogs

Broncos Make Mistakes, But Rally For Preseason Win Over Rams " CBS Denver
Rookie linebacker Alec Ogletree ruined Ronnie Hillman’s night with a strip-and-score takeaway and kept Peyton Manning from turning all those passes into points with a big interception. Yet the St. Louis Rams’ lost 27-26 at Denver on Saturday night.

Broncos Fans Best in the Biz - Predominantly Orange
Denver Broncos fans have to be one considered one of the top fan bases in the league. Doubt what I’m saying? You should have seen the number of fans who stayed through a torrential downpour Saturday night to watch the third string teams duke it out to break a tied preseason ballgame with 3:30 remaining. A jog to the stadium parking lot easily could have been justified.

Offense Turns Up Tempo vs. Rams |
The Broncos' starters turned up the offensive tempo vs. the Rams on Saturday night, running 49 first half plays.

Rams Limited to Less Than 200 Yards |
Despite the Broncos losing the turnover battle, the defense stood its ground to help earn a win.

Broncos Defense Holds Off Rams |
The defense helped over come a minus four turnover differential to hold on to a 27-26 win.

Starters 'Can Build On' Showing vs. Rams |
The offense moved the ball against St. Louis, and Wesley Woodyard shined from his new middle linebacker spot, but the Broncos know they must eliminate turnovers.

Broncos vs. Rams: Gallery |
View photos from the Broncos' preseason opener against the Rams.

Gut Reaction: Preseason Week 3 - Broncos vs Rams - It's All Over, Fat Man!
Hey, you want in on a little secret? Come closer. No, closer. Close enough so you can’t feel the spittle from Dan Dierdorf’s lips. That’s better. Okay, here it is: the Broncos have exactly zero takeaways over their past two games, yet they’ve given the ball away eight times.

Paige: Von Miller the only one who can fix this mess - The Denver Post
Miller has troubled his teammates, possibly costing them the Super Bowl season he guaranteed the Broncos would produce ... when he already was aware he was in deep trouble with the league.

Former Broncos teammates Mecklenburg and Fletcher disagree about the ongoing litigation against the NFL - The Denver Post
The lawsuits generally argue that the league was negligent in handling concussions and even withheld information from the players about the head injury issue.

Denver Broncos special teams are struggling - The Denver Post
For the second consecutive game, Broncos special teams produced more headaches than headlines.

With Hillman's struggles, Broncos need to find a better running back - The Denver Post
Oops, Ronnie "Fumble!" Hillman did it again.The Broncos are knee deep and stuck in a quandary at running back.

Kickin it with Kiz: Full steam ahead even with Von Miller gone - The Denver Post
Elway offered Miller a hug after his suspension, but will Elway offer Miller top dollar on his next contract? That could be among the tougher calls the old QB will ever have to make.

Klis: Von Miller hasn't tackled maturity - The Denver Post
Of these two Broncos player stories, guess which one was suspended one game and which was slapped with a six-game penalty?

Fletcher, Mecklenburg: More from Broncos' all-time sack leaders | First & Orange
My story on the two retired Broncos who rank 1-2 on the franchise’s career sacks list — Simon Fletcher and Karl Mecklenburg — is in the Sunday paper and online here.

Broncos using Von Miller with the 1st unit against Rams made no sense | First & Orange
His decision to play Von Miller for the first half, and with the defensive starters, against Stan Kroenke’s St. Louis Rams Saturday night came off as defiance and a refusal to adjust, lest Fox be thought to be backing down from what seemed to be his previous determination to use Miller until it wasn’t possible to do so.

Jacob Tamme isn't going anywhere | First-and-Orange
After finishing third on the team with 52 receptions last year, Tamme suffered a nasty strained quad muscle that sidelined him for two weeks. Then he watched two young tight ends, Julius Thomas and Virgil Green, play well as Tamme and fellow veteran Joel Dreessen nursed injuries.

Does this mean something? Quentin Jammer returns to left corner | First-and-Orange
Quentin Jammer, the No. 5 overall pick in the 2002 draft, had started 11 seasons at cornerback for the San Diego Chargers.

Erick Decker, Broncos like direction offense is headed | First & Orange
Across the board in the locker room postgame on Saturday night, Broncos offensive players were giving rave reviews to progress of the first-team offense and its readiness for the regular season – particularly when it’s in hurry-up mode.

Omar Bolden suffers ankle sprain | First-and-Orange
The only significant injury the Broncos suffered Saturday night was to backup cornerback Omar Bolden, who left the game with a sprained left ankle.

Osweiler solid with the No. 1 offense | First-and-Orange
If Peyton Manning sprains an ankle and needs to ice for a quarter? The Broncos’ starting offense won’t play cold with backup quarterback Brock Osweiler.

Julius Thomas pleased with "complete" performance vs. Rams | First & Orange
Broncos tight end Julius Thomas knows his game and when it’s headed in the right direction.

Roster cuts coming | First-and-Orange
Starting Sunday morning, the Broncos are expected to start moving 12 players off their active roster.

Broncos give up another long punt return | First-and-Orange
Last week at Seattle, the Seahawks’ Golden Tate took back a Britton Colquitt punt 33 yards into Denver territory, setting up a field goal.

Von Miller plays the first half; will he start against Arizona? | First-and-Orange
It was Von’s farewell. Von Miller, in what should be his final appearance before he starts his six-game regular-season suspension, started and played the first half in the Bronco’s preseason game Saturday night against the St. Louis Rams before he was spelled in the second half by Nate Irving.

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