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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 8/28/13

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I don't really care for the ratbirds or some of their fans. What other fanbase wins a Super Bowl then trolls the Internets with their junk hanging all out? Jets fans probably, Raider fans most certainly. Glad those franchises rarely get to the pinnacle of the sport, otherwise I'd have to rethink my passion for the game. The NFL rubbing our faces in it only adds insult to injury. Jerks.

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Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Broncos fan petitions NFL to remove Joe Flacco banner -
There is a massive banner of Joe Flacco hanging at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver. Yes, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. This isn't going over so well with Broncos fans.

Flacco banners to promote Ravens-Broncos game irk some Denverites - Denver Post
Hochmans Happy Hour: Each weekday near quittin time, Denver Post sports columnist Benjamin Hochman primes the barstool banter. In this installment, Hochman strolls the 16th Street Mall.

Ravens banners in Denver firing up some Broncos fans - The Denver Post
As Dave Simmons walked down the 16th Street Mall in Denver on Tuesday during the lunch hour, he paused to take a photo of a banner featuring Joe Flacco, quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens.

Denver Broncos Videos

BTV Daily: Wolfe Welcomed Back |
Derek Wolfe says he's on pace for playing week one against Baltimore.

Wolfe on Neck: 'Zero Pain' |
Defensive End Derek Wolfe talks about returning to practice on Tuesday.

Gase on Pace Against Rams, RB Group |
Offensive coordinator Adam Gase talks to the press after Tuesday's practice.

Del Rio on LB Group, Wolfe's Return |
Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio talks to the press after Tuesday's practice.

Fox on RBs, Wolfe |
Coach John Fox talks about the running backs and Derek Wolfe's return to practice on Tuesday.

Denver Broncos News & Blogs

Breaking Down the 75-Man Roster |
A position-by-position look at how the current roster shapes up, with an eye on how many players at each position made the final 53 in 2011 and 2012.

Wolfe Returns to Practice |
DE Derek Wolfe was back at practice Tuesday after having suffered an injury in the second preseason game.

Ronnie Hillman returns to Broncos' first-team reps at running back - The Denver Post
John Fox tried to warn everybody. Dont read anything into Montee Ball taking the first-team tailback reps Monday, the Broncos coach said. So who was the Broncos primary first-team running back during practice Tuesday? Ronnie Hillman.

Broncos exec Matt Russell appears in court on DUI case - The Denver Post
A Broncos executive accused of crashing into two cars in the high country while driving drunk has made his first appearance in court.

Broncos backup QB Brock Osweiler: A look ahead | First & Orange
My latest effort from the Broncos coverage bullpen — four-seam fastball, change-up and slider — will be a story about Brock Osweiler in the morning.

2013 Denver Broncos-Making The Cut | Bronco Planet
For some players, this is going to be one of those days. A day of disappointment. A day when they will meet "The Turk," that guy who says, "the coach wants to see you. And by the way, bring your iPad (playbook)."

Mile High Tuesday: 2013 NFL Predictions - Predominantly Orange
It’s time for my annual NFL predictions. It’s not very often the Denver Broncos enter a season as such big favorites to make a Super Bowl run, nor is it that they need the season to start so badly. If ever a franchise wanted to see an offseason in the rearview mirror and move forward on the field it’s the 2013 Broncos.

Julius Thomas steps up - It's All Over, Fat Man!
The naysayers in Broncos Land spent much of the two summers prior to this one calling for Julius Thomas to be cut. Denver had drafted Thomas out of Portland State in the fourth round of the 2011 Draft, taking a flyer on a player who could go either way.

AFC West Rival Roundup

Kansas City Chiefs defense, preseason week 3: Under Pressure! - Arrowhead Pride
This week, KaloPhoenix loves the blitz, hates the short coverage, and gets surprised by the statistics against the Steelers.

How the Chiefs continue to catch the biggest fish -
Despite their losing ways over the last several seasons, the Chiefs continue to avoid a loser's image.

Projecting the 53-man Roster with 1 Game to Go - Bolts From The Blue
There are still a few important roster spots up for grabs, and some key roster decisions that need to be determined.

Terrelle Pryor performance earns him bigger package - Silver And Black Pride
Raiders offensive coordinator, Greg Olson, said today that Pryor has earned him a more extensive package in the offense.

Raiders injury report heading into final week of preseason - Silver And Black Pride
Where the Raiders currently stand as far as injuries and roster status of those injuries.

NFL News & Blogs

Jaguars claim Ricky Stanzi, Kyle Knox off waivers - Big Cat Country
The Jacksonville Jaguars have already started claiming players, picking up former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Ricky Stanzi and former Seattle Seahawks linebacker Kyle Knox.

Aaron Hernandez reportedly on thin ice with Patriots before arrest -
Were the Patriots close to releasing Aaron Hernandez even before his arrest? They may have been, according to an upcoming Rolling Stone article.

Jets head coach Rex Ryan knows how to throw a press conference -
Ol' Rex was at the podium again on Tuesday afternoon, revealing things he probably shouldn't be revealing, except for his starting quarterback.

Zero sum game: Week 3 of the preseason, full of sound and fury -
All of it signifying nothing, which might be an improvement if you're Buffalo. Let's add up the meaninglessness of last week's preseason action.

Robert Griffin III injury: Redskins QB feels '100 percent' -
Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin says he feels "100 percent" and remains adamant that he will be able to play in Week 1.

49ers place Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham on PUP list -
The San Francisco 49ers placed wideouts Crabtree and Manningham on the PUP list, meaning both can come back after six weeks of the regular season.

Does QB Tim Tebow have a role on the New England Patriots? - NFL Videos
What does the future hold for QB Tim Tebow on the New England Patriots? Willie McGinest and LaDainian Tomlinson debate.

Stevie Brown, Dustin Keller injuries reinforce need to pay players for preseaason | The MMQB with Peter King
It's a necessary evil, and the risks—injuries that could cost a player his livelihood—are considerable. The least owners can do is open their wallets and give us peace of mind.

32 Teams in 32 Days: Seattle Seahawks |
Matt Bryant’s 49-yard field goal sailed through the uprights, and the roar from the Georgia Dome crowd signaled the end of the Seattle Seahawks’ 2012 season.

Is Russell Wilson the next Ben Roethlisberger? | Football Perspective
On the surface, Russell Wilson and Ben Roethlisberger have almost nothing in common. Wilson was an undersized, overlooked, third-round pick, while Roethlisberger was a first round pick who is one of the most physically imposing quarterbacks in NFL history. But both players had pretty similar rookie years in a couple of respects.

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