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Arizona Cardinals @ Denver Broncos 2nd Half Thread

Go Broncos!!!

Norm Hall


The Denver Broncos are looking to wrap the preseason up this evening. Some of the starters might play a handful of snaps, but don't expect any big name guys to take the field. We should see extended work for Brock Osweiler and maybe a quarter or so of Zac Dysert.

The interesting battles to watch for what might be the last couple of roster spots up for grabs are as follows:

- DB's, a 6th corner (Quentin Jammer) or 5th safety (Omar Bolden)

Omar Bolden looks decent at safety.  A big hitter.  Jammer, well--sure didn't stick his hat in there to make a stop on the goalline

- Depth at LB (Paris Lennon, or Steven Johnson)

Paris has a hard time shaking blocks from 2nd string guys.

- Impact plays from Larentee McCray

Bueller?  Bueller?

- Depth along the offensive line (Moffitt, Kuper, Lilja, Blake, Davis, Cornick etc.)

Lilja getting manhandled.  No Blake, Davis, Kuper.  May be Moffitt and Lilja for a spot.

If you're watching the AZ feed, that deep voiced guy reminds me of Jesse Ventura on Ritalin. NFL still has no balls, hard hits earn the yellow....sigh.

Where to Watch: Don't miss the game! Here is a list of where to catch the game tonight.

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