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Denver Broncos Roster: Would they clear waivers?

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Putting our money where our mouth is so to is our take on who may or may not clear waivers amongst Larentee McCray, Zac Dysert, Gerell Robinson, and CJ Anderson.

Doug Pensinger

Bet the Farm: Will Clear Waivers

Topher Doll

Zac Dysert is a physically talented QB, but that's pretty meaningless, especially for a QB as raw as Dysert. Each year there are countless physical QB's who fall out of the draft or get drafted late the end up on practice squads every year or are just cut. Dysert right now hasn't done much impressive against anything other than 3rd stringers, which is fun to watch but largely meaningless. Each and every year there are plenty of 3rd and 4th string QB's who look good in the preseason and go unclaimed on waivers. I actually went back and looked and while there isn't a great system for tracking waivers, I couldn't find a QB that was waived and then picked up by another team before clearing waivers going back to 2005. Yea, in the past 7 years no QB that was waived has been picked up before clearing waivers prior to the season. I could have missed one but I tried to be thorough.

CJ Anderson is an interesting case. Every year for the past few years the Broncos fans have fallen in love with the #5 or #6 RB on the depth chart. It has been Xavier Omon and Mario Fannin the past few years and Jeremiah Johnson as well. This happens to many teams, just this year the Seahawks, Cowboys and Texans deep backup RB's have all done exceptionally well. This highlights the point I'm making. If Anderson was the only back making huge plays against the 3rd string defense, I'd be impressed, but the fact it happens every week of the preseason every year, shows a trend. Very low backup RB's seem to do very well on average, especially with only one game. The fact Anderson had a good game in week 2 against backups isn't to impressive to GM's because most GM's have guys like that on their rosters already. Add in his injury and VERY small sample size for GM's to watch, it's hard to see many GM's know Anderson exists, let alone having serious interesting in him. I'm not saying he's bad, I'm saying to impress GM's one good game isn't enough to draw attention to yourself, especially if you get injured right after.

Gerell Robinson is a decently talented WR, but something to keep in mind is he's had solid preseasons before and has cleared waivers last year, there's no reason to think he won't clear waivers this year. Now that's not to say he won't be added to a practice squad somewhere but there have already been WR's who have been cut who are at, or above, Robinson's level, what sets him apart? I like Robinson, I think he's a better WR than King, but so much of a backup WR's value is in their knowledge of the system. Robinson isn't exceptionally fast or big, but the reason he was kept around was because he and Brock seemed to have chemistry, not because he had a high ceiling or anything like that. Remember that Greg Orton also had an exceptional preseason last year and has now cleared waivers for two straight seasons.

Lerentee McCray is a tough player to call, he's had a great preseason and has shown the skill set to be on a practice squad or a backup somewhere. The issue is his sample size is small and he's injured. I honestly can't predict what will happen but I'm leaning he'll clear waivers because of his injury, not many injured UDFA's get picked up on waivers, just doesn't happen often. Out of the 4 players we are talking about I think he has the best chance of getting picked up, but I still am voting against it.

Bronco Mike

Zac Dysert will clear waivers. He was passed over by teams at least 6 times in the draft. While he started off hot and threw a beautiful back shoulder fade to Gerell Robinson, he also finished the game 3-14.

Lerentee McCray will make it, but I think for a different reason. I think he will be stashed on IR. If he had to go through the waiver system I would still give him about a 70% chance of getting through back to the Broncos.

CJ Anderson Bronco Mike has already put money on this. Get ready to fork over $50 Big Pete, cause this dude is getting cut. Once he gets cut, he's coming back.

Scotty Payne

CJ Anderson He will clear waivers. He's hurt, and will be out multiple weeks. No way anyone claims a back with only 15 or career NFL snaps.

Zac Dysert He lasted until the 7th round in the draft, so clearly he wasn't wanted that bad. Add in the bad performances in Camp. One pretty pass in the preseason won't win over any GM's in the league. To the practice Squad he goes.

Bet the Farm: Will NOT Clear Waivers

Bronco Mike

Gerell Robinson is a young talent that fell away due to the amount of skill the Broncos already have at the WR position. He'll catch on somewhere else which is a shame because he is another big target with immense potential.

Scotty Payne

Gerrell Robinson He might be claimed. Had a good performance In the preseason finale. A WR needy team could claim him. He did end up on the Arizona Practice Squad last year.

Lerentee McCray He's the guy i'd be most worried about. If he didn't get hurt he would be on the Broncos active roster. Now they could IR him and save him for next year, or risk him on the waiver wire. If I had to bet I believe he would be claimed.

Place your bets MHR!!!

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