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Denver Broncos Countdown to Kickoff: Demaryius Thomas - 5 Days

Optimus Prime. The 5th Most Important Bronco of 2013.

Doug Pensinger

The Rankings

Overall rank (1-20)

Kyle Montgomery

Bronco Mike

Tim Lynch





Topher Doll

Big Pete

Mr. East


Jon Heath



5th 5th


--- 10th

From the Horses' Mouth

Big Pete

Demaryius Thomas is the best wide receiver that the Broncos have ever had! Yes, I just went there! He might not be the greatest of all time (Rod Smith), but that is simply because he hasn't played as long as good 'ol Rod. But make no mistakes about it, DT is by far the most talented WR that has ever donned the Orange and Blue! The scary thing about DT is that he will only continue to get better. What we've seen from him so far is still only scratching the surface for this immensely talented player. While I'm not saying that he'll be a Megatron clone, I will say that he can be 98%+ what Megatron is! You know that old saying about unstoppable forces and immovable objects? Well, with this unstoppable force playing for us, there is no such thing as an immovable object! Here's to you DT, the Broncos best WR ever!

Bronco Mike

141 targets. 0 Interceptions. Peyton Manning was never picked off when throwing to DT. Not once. Two things dogged Thomas last year. The first being that many folks saw him as injury prone. He had fought injuries off and on to begin his career. The other was his route running. Demaryius shattered both perceptions in the biggest way. In his first healthy season as a pro, the pro-bowl WR managed to snag 94 catches for over 1400 yards and 10 TD's.

The first catch that comes to mind for me highlights just how far he's come as a route runner. That would be the gorgeous TD grab he had against the Falcons week 2. Triple move. Slant, Go, Corner against cover 2 shell. Set his man up perfectly. I suppose that was the easy part of the play. Next came the catch:





A thing of beauty! Demaryius is the WR Peyton Manning trusts the most. Peyton loves to pick a spot to throw to knowing that most of the time his big target will go up to get it. This tandem will give our offense the big chunks of yardage it needs down the field. It is going to be an amazing sight to watch!

Notable Broncos to Wear #5:

Brett Kern

Current Bronco Wearing #5:

Matt Prater