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Kyle Montgomery Appreciation Thread

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It was late in March when MHR was shook up and Kyle Montgomery was selected to be next man in charge....

Justin Edmonds

From my own perspective, it was a huge uncertainty. To be honest, I didn't know who the guy was at first. I had never really kept up with Bronco Talk knew or knew that "Monty" was the guy that had run it. My knowledge of Broncos blogs was very limited and I hadn't strayed far into the Broncos blogosphere.

What I didn't know was that Kyle had started Bronco Talk and kept it running for years--first as a class project and soon thereafter as a passion. It takes balls and perseverance to build a site like Kyle did, and when time came for someone to take over MHR, I know I was conflicted when the move was announced. Whatever reservations or apprehensions I may have had at first have evaporated into the beautiful orange and blue sunsets Coloradoans are blessed with on an almost daily basis.

There is no disrespect whatsoever to the folks that laid the foundation of MHR. From John Bena, Jeremy Bolander, to the IAOFM folks, to Kirk Davis, MHR has had many folks that have breathed life into this organic and wonderful community. Kyle is the latest, and I'm proud to say that MHR is in good hands with "Monty" in charge.

During his short tenure as the head man, Kyle has steered the direction of MHR into a new generation of Broncos coverage. I've been extremely active since the change and at first most of it was because I just wanted to help fill the void of Kirk Davis' departure and all the hours/work the Kaptain put into the site. As I've continued however, I've found a new found appreciation for blogging and writing about the Broncos in general. Kyle has set a great example that all the staff can shoot for. I've learned so much personally from his style and suggestions during the past 4 months, and I look forward to continuing the journey throughout the Broncos upcoming quest for a World Championship.

Beyond my personal experiences and approval exists the fact that MHR is now experiencing a "Renaissance". Whether you look to us for up to the minute news, original content, in depth analysis, or unique coverage of the Denver Broncos, MHR is the one stop every Broncos fan should make on their internet journey.

For the past week and a half, Kyle has devoted his vacation time to providing outstanding Broncos Training Camp Coverage each and every day, hundreds of miles from his home in Flagstaff, AZ. He is MHR's pulse on the inside and through his efforts, Broncos Country is more informed and educated about the team they love.

MHR will continue to be the shining beacon Broncos fans can pursue for the quality of coverage, analysis, and community all members have come to expect. Kyle will see sure to it, and so will the entire staff. Please take this time to express your appreciation for a man I'm glad to now call my friend. A big Mile High Salute to Kyle Montgomery and his leadership as headman of MHR!!!