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Denver Broncos Countdown To Kickoff: 30 Days

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The final countdown begins, 30 days until the Broncos kickoff their championship run tick tock tick tock

Doug Pensinger

The greatest #30 in Denver Broncos history is unquestionably Terrell Davis. Scott Kacsmar said it best about Terrell Davis' HOF worthiness:

Whether it be the magical 2,008 yard MVP season in 1998, the inspired Super Bowl 32 performance on the heels of a 2nd quarter migraine that almost put him out of the game for good, or an NFL record 7-straight 100 yard games in the playoffs, Terrell Davis' time as a Bronco exemplified greatness.

Do you remember where it all began? For those that haven't heard the story, Terrell Davis was first noticed by Broncos coaches not because of a run, but because of a special teams hit. Davis wasn't a 2nd round pick like Montee Ball or a 1st round pick like Knowshon Moreno. He was selected 196th overall (6th round) in the 1995 NFL draft.

"A lot of people didn't know much about him," Linebackers Coach Richard Smith, who was the Broncos special teams coach at that time, said of Davis. "He came in here and we started off training camp, and I had him on every single special team."

But that all changed on Sunday, Aug. 6, 1995, at 11 a.m. local time in the third quarter of the American Bowl in Tokyo.

In coverage for the kickoff, Davis went from under the radar to the top of the depth chart before San Fransico return man Tyronne Drakeford knew what hit him.


18 years ago to the day, Terrell Davis made his bones on special teams. Pretty ironic that this week the Broncos will be facing the same foe in preseason action. I wonder which Bronco will make his mark on the game?

Most everyone knows about the Tokyo hit, what people don't realize is that it almost didn't happen.

Davis recalled being so hungry at halftime of that game that he ate a chili dog, a hot dog, French fries and some candy - an indulgence that nearly cost him when an assistant coach asked him to cover a kickoff in the fourth quarter.

Davis was starting to feel queasy , and seriously thought about telling the coach couldn't enter the game. But rather than say no to a coach's request, Davis decided he could tough it out through one snap.

"I think back to that because if I had said to [special teams coach Richard] Smith that I didn't want to go in, who knows where I would be today?" Davis said. "Again, it's because I'm over there eating hot dogs and stuff. So, kids, don't eat hot dogs when the opportunity presents itself. Or Ding Dongs or Kit Kats or whatever else we had."

I'm an eater, but I cannot recall a time at any point in my life where a meal might have cost me a great opportunity. TD might see his halftime binge as a possible negative, but perhaps those chili dogs gave him the extra pep to light that dude up?

Cool 30 Factoid:

Heading into the 1997 playoffs, Davis was held to just 75, and 28 yards respectively against the Steelers and Niners. Including the playoffs, TD would go on to rattle off 11--100 yard games in 12 opportunities.

Notable Broncos to wear #30:

Steve Sewell (1985-1992)

Terrell Davis (1995-2002)

Current Broncos wearing #30:

David Bruton

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