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MHR Radio with Special Guest Avery Schlereth

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Kicking off your first preseason game as the Denver Broncos take on the San Francisco 49ers. We've got the best of the best from inside and outside Dove Valley.

Danh Hoang

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MHR Radio is back with all the information that we can pack into a thirty minute podcast and we've got the wonderful Avery Schlereth (some of you may know her father, ESPN and former Denver Broncos guard Mark Schlereth) guesting on the show. The girl knows her stuff!

We've got predictions on the season, injury updates, position battles, insights into camp and all those things that you probably can't hear on radio or in the newspaper... Avery also shares the real story behind her father's nickname (it is not the one that you have heard).

It's Kyle Montgomery (@MileHighReport), Avery Schlereth (@Avery Schlereth), Danh Hoang (@AsianOrange) and me (@TheOrangePage) for just over thirty minutes, listen to us at work from your computer, on your tablet, or smart phone, but fit us in before you watch the game tonight! You'll enjoy yourself, I promise.

Just a bunch of huge Broncos fans sharing everything we know from the inside and the outside of Dove Valley.