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Denver Broncos Countdown to Kickoff: Champ Bailey - 4 Days

For perhaps the greatest CB in Denver Broncos History, this season is one of redemption.

Harry How

The Rankings:

Overall rank (1-20)

Kyle Montgomery

Bronco Mike

Tim Lynch





Topher Doll

Big Pete

Mr. East


Jon Heath





--- 5th

From the Horses' Mouth

Big Pete

Champ Bailey might not even be the best cornerback on our team, but he's probably the most important. Chris Harris and DRC might both be more physically capable than Champ, but Champ has the whits about him to be every bit as dangerous, if not more so, than any CB in the NFL. Champ forces one of two things; He either makes a QB throw away from him (and into the hands of DRC and Harris), or he makes them make an even dumber decision by throwing at him. With the exception of the game we do not speak of, Champ was one of the top 3 CBs in the entire NFL last year! That's nothing to scoff at. Even with Champ getting "exposed" in the playoffs last year, remember this: After he let those 2 TDs burn him (and it's arguable if the first one was truly his fault, AND the 2nd was just a ridiculous catch or Champ has a pick going the other way), Champ completely shut Jones down in the entire 2nd half of that game! I had him ranked #4, so obviously I'm going to say this is right where he needs to be. Even if he isn't the best CB on our team, he most certainly is the most important, which is why he's Top 5 on the team! Even with how good he still is being removed from the equation, he's a silent leader, and teammates would love nothing more than to win one for Champ! All these reasons, and so much more is why he is most deserving of this lofty position!

Bronco Mike

For Someone who played so well last year, how in the world does Champ need redemption? Unfortunately, this world is one fueled by the sentiments of "what have you done for me lately?" Well the last thing Champ Bailey put his name to was an embarrassing playoff performance where he failed to jam his receiver at the LOS, allowing him to blaze on through the secondary on route to a TD. It happens. Even the best have bad days.

So if one isolated incident of burn-age isn't a case for redemption what is? How about the fact that in Champ's storied career he's only seen action in 8 career playoff games. How about the fact that he has sniffed the AFCCG only once? This road to the Super Bowl is a road to redemption for a player who has done so much during his career. This year is a chance to write all of those wrongs. A player like him deserves to go out as a Champ, and for #24--this might be the last and best opportunity he has at a ring.

I am confident DRC can fill Champ's shoes week 1 if he cannot go against the Ravens. I am confident that the Denver Broncos are infinitely better on defense with Champ and DRC on the field at the same time. I know that for the Broncos to be successful in 2013, Champ Bailey has to continue the journey through greatness he began in 1999.

Current Bronco wearing #4:

Britton Colquitt