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Broncos' Executive Matt Russell Back After Week Two, Pending NFL Approval

The Denver Broncos should be welcoming back a member of their front office following this weekend's game against the New York Giants.

The Denver Broncos will likely be welcoming back Director of Player Personnel Matt Russell Monday, following his indefinite suspension from the team for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol. His return to the Broncos is pending NFL approval, according to's Ian Rapoport:

Rapoport initially reported the news on NFL Network's NFL Gameday Morning, but with all of the news during opening week it must be time to reiterate.

Russell was last in Summit County Court on August 27th, when his lawyer Harvey Steinberg asked the court for a continuance in the case to allow for more time on an investigation.

The Broncos suspended Russell in July and he has been provided with "confidential treatment, rehabilitation and counseling services."

He is complying with these terms and as agreed, will be allowed to return to work with the team.