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MHR's NFL Week Two Picks

If you haven't already, sign up for the official MHR Pick'em where staff goes head-to-head with the readers and don't forget to update your picks before Thursday!

The Broncos and seven other teams will look to go 2-0 in Week Two.
The Broncos and seven other teams will look to go 2-0 in Week Two.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Let's just not talk about Week One, unless you want to talk about the Denver Broncos. Last week was not my best week, unless you count my decent showing in the Official MHR Yahoo Pick'em League.

Here are my picks (in italics) for Week Two.

Thursday, September 12th 8:25 PM ET
Jets at Patriots
New England does it with or without tight ends, though the close game to the Bills last week was encouraging... For Buffalo fans.

Sunday, September 15th
Rams at Falcons
Jared Cook just wrecked shop on the Arizona Cardinals, but Atlanta is a much more vicious bird. St. Louis also had a tough time managing Larry Fitzgerald, what are they going to do with the Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, Steven Jackson triumvirate? Not to mention that Jackson is against his old team...

Chargers at Eagles
Chip Kelly shows Mike McCoy exactly how to run that Oregon offense. McCoy searches waiver wire for 'Tim Tebow like' quarterback.

Cowboys at Chiefs
How real are the Chiefs? Doesn't matter Andy Reid is 17-11 all time against Dallas, make this 18-11. The Dallas defense survives off of mistakes, Alex Smith makes very few of them.

Dolphins at Colts
Miami squeezed past the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis didn't have much of a reply to Terrelle Pryor. Ryan Tannehill is not Pryor. Andrew Luck it is, Colts win.

Titans at Texans
The only team that looked less pathetic than the Pittsburgh Steelers last week were the Tennessee Titans, Houston wins this one and sets out on conquering the rest of the AFC South.

Redskins at Packers
Were the Green Bay Packers bad on defense or were the San Francisco 49ers really good on offense? Doesn't matter, in my humble opinion RGIII with one game under his belt is just as good, if not better than Colin Kaepernick and Mike Shanahan is a genius. Shanahan is 3-3 against the Packers in the regular season (including one win last season), he gets one more here.

Browns at Ravens
Just before last Thursday night's game, it was revealed that John Harbaugh was quietly given a raise in the offseason. He needs to justify that and losing a gimme game to the Cleveland Browns would have pitchforks getting sharpened.

Panthers at Bills
Last week Carolina nearly beat Seattle and Buffalo nearly beat New England. Which one was most legit? I think the Bills under E.J. Manuel are super exciting, but the Panthers have to win. All of that and Panther's coach Ron Rivera is promising to air it out with Cam Newton and Steve Smith.

Vikings at Bears
Minnesota just looked sad outside of that 78-yard scamper that Adrian Peterson had on his first touch of the game, the NFC better come up with a way to stop Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall or there is going to be long term problems.

4:05 PM ET
Saints at Buccaneers
Tampa Bay beat the New York Jets, if it weren't for Lavonte David's last second shoving of Geno Smith out of bounds, but Drew Brees will easily handle Revis Island and it won't come to that.

Lions at Cardinals
Reggie Bush! You know that he wanted to come to Denver this offseason, right? I guess the money didn't make sense. Carson Palmer could get it together here against this secondary and a neutered Ndamukong Suh for Detroit. This one is my upset of the week, I have Arizona.

Jaguars at Raiders
Had I not witnessed Terrelle Pryor myself, i would have assumed that I was just listening to an imbecilic Oakland fan. He's legit though, at least through the first two weeks. He could also lead the NFL in rushing yards going into Week Three.

Broncos at Giants
Not positive that Denver gets the ground game going just yet this week, but it will be fun to watch Victor Cruz and Chris Harris going at it for four quarters. I buried the lead, but as you know this may also be the last time that Peyton and Eli Manning get to face off against one another. That is exciting.

8:30 PM ET
49ers at Seahawks
Seattle was able to stave off Cam Newton and he's better than Colin Kaepernick (for now) in my opinion. I'll take the Seahawks secondary over Green Bay's secondary anyway. Unless San Francisco can figure out a way to run for more yards than they were able to against the Packers, this is a Seahawks victory.

Monday, September 16th 8:40 PM ET
Steelers at Bengals
The NFL really wasn't expecting games not to matter this early in the season, but Pittsburgh lost Maurkice Pouncey early in the game in Week One and never recovered. What are they expected to do about Geno Atkins? Now you add James Harrison in the mix in his first game against Pittsburgh and Ben Roethlisberger will be lucky able to make it out of this one with a face.

If you haven't already, you are a week behind, but you can still sign up for the official MHR Pick'em where staff goes head-to-head with the readers and don't forget to update your picks before Thursday!

Brag about your Week One in the comments, how did you do in the Pick'em league? 'Bad Football Pun', 'MrFNSunshine' and 'This one's for John' all made it out of last week with a 13-3 record, great job guys!